Vijays Makkal Iyakkam to contest local body polls

Vijay Makkal Iyakkam to contest in local poll

Actor Vijay’s father and producer-director S.A. Chandrasekaran has said that his son’s ‘Makkal Iyakkam’ would be contesting the ensuing local body polls. Vijay’s Iyakkam campaigned in favour of the ruling AIADMK alliance in the Assembly elections held in April. Though Vijay didn’t actively campaign for the alliance, his fans and volunteers worked for the success of the AIADMK combine.

Vijay visited New Delhi last week and met the fasting Gandhian Anna Hazare to express his solidarity with him. The star lauded the Septuagenarian’s non-violent protest to ensure the tabling and passing of the Jan Lokpal Bill which would make every Indian citizen accountable to his deeds.

It is said that Vijay’s fans want to contest the local body bolls. As the Iyakkam is on friendly terms with the ruling AIADMK, the cadres of the Iyakkam have reportedly been ‘instructed’ to confabulate with the AIADMK office-bearers at the local levels to contest the elections by allying with them. SAC said that the decision to contest the local body polls was to involve the Iyakkam serve the people at the grassroots level with some power.

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  1. yosipangalo

    athhanne pathen..eli yenda ammanama ooduthunu…10th fail ayitttu enna panrathu nu mulichavan la Tamilnattu CM aganum solrango…just bcoz you got famous, u dont need to enter politics..AH

  2. spoilers

    Please don’t vote to them….. thse guys are jobless stupids will spoil our state

    See he may be an actor and acor fame is differnt from taking up the role as a politican for god sake realize that please don’t vote on the basis of his film dialogues(even it is not his own writers write that too) Ask him what is qualification and what is the differnce he is going to do ????????? then decide

  3. vasin

    yosipangalo ————————-dai mundam

    vijay studied in loyola college——————u dont know that also

    but—————he is unfit for politicssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    except————————-superstar rajinikathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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