Nanban exceeds Enthiran

Vijays claim of Nanban equalled Rajini’s Enthiran

Nanban exceeds Enthiran

It’s an unwritten rule in Kollywood that no star, past or present, compares himself or herself with the exploits of superstar Rajinikanth who is considered a living legend by many leading luminaries of Kollywood, Bollywood and outside the world of entertainment. But Vijay does so following the success of Nanban. Whether it was spontaneous or part of a ‘carefully orchestrated campaign’ on behalf of Vijay would be known in the coming days.

“I hear that the collections have almost matched Rajini’s Enthiran: The Robot and in some places, the collections have gone past the Rajini-starrer,” said Vijay and added as an after-thought that “I’m not sure whether to register this fact in my mind!”

The statistics however show that Vijay claims are ambitious rather than realistic. Enthiran released in 1000 halls compared to Nanban’s 600. It collected a whopping Rs.62 crores in its first 3 days while Vijay’s film has managed Rs.20 crores at the end of the first week!


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