Vijays and Ileana in four different avatars for Nanban

Vijays and Ileana in four different avatars for Nanban

News has just poured in saying “Ilayathalapathy Vijays Nanban will have the actor appearing in four different avatars for a particular dance sequence.” The particular dance number happens to be a fresh look at the ‘Zoobi Doobi’ track from the original Hindi version and those who caught the original 3 idiots will agree to the fact that the number was a fun track that ruled radio stations for quite sometime. Moreover the visuals for the said track were quite appealing to hold audiences captivated.

Director Shankar too hopes to capture something special for his remake version in Nanban. Vijay who plays the smart guy in Nanban also has sexy legs Ileana accompanying him in the lead. Ilu too will appear in four different get-ups as she tries to match Vijay step to step. One of the guys from the make-up department told us, “Both Ileana and Vijay patiently hung on to their seats while doing their make-up sessions. It took almost 2 hours to get the complete make-up done and another two hours to remove it. But we’re happy that our efforts have paid off. We hope fans will appreciate the same.”

Fans will be looking forward to an entertaining release from director Shankar and his crew.




  1. jeeva

    vijay is a fag, he needs make up for his ugly face….anyways this movie will be averge run because of shanker not for VIJAY but for SURE 100% SURE VELAYUTHAM WILL BIG TIME FLOP!!! TAKE MY WORD LOSERS(FANS)OF LOSER(VIJAY)

  2. kh

    ok if you say so jeeva. cn u please act in one movie so we cn compare ur style wit vijay. n btw wt a discovery. shut up n get lost

  3. jeya

    It wont be flop without seeing the outcome. Kevalan is super hit, velayutham would be mega hit and nanban would be blockbuster. Shut up and see how he would become and he takes time to do good movie and I would guaranteed it would be big success. Who is the loser? you are since you are have no right to say since every actor goes to difficulty and become stronger afterward. He is man of army and no one can stop him and even if you or anyone else. It is Vijaymania once again…

  4. sms

    jeya kh – you guys really need to grow up.. dont be small kids.. vj cant act and he can only dance and that too lip sync for songs not even opening his mouth is very funny.. start accepting and support for good acting heros and good films.. which will take tamil cinema to next level.. we have won lots of national awards for tamil cinema this time.. that shows growth and health of tamil cinema.. vj is just following Rajani way of showing like he is quiet n down to earth person.. he thought tamil audience are fool to make him CM.. he should try to expose his talent in acting like kamal / vikram or even Rajani acts very well.. just because of his style dominated we should not forget his acting skills..  first ask your vj to act in a movie and not just doing dance.. 

  5. Kamal

    All ajith porukeenga (oru chinna gumbal) verum vayale vasanam pesudhunga.  Vijay’s all coming movies will be super duper hits (he is selecting the right movies nowadays). You fool shut up everything. If u need girl, try like SPB Saran.

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