Vijay’s 52nd film titled Velayutham directed by Jayam Raja

Actor Vijay

According to sources, Vijay’s 52nd film is titled as Velayutham and will be directed by Jayam Raja.

Actor Vijay fondly being called as Ilaya Thalapathi, has been  the box office king in Tamil Cinema  from the gen-x actors and was even compared with the real box-office hero superstar Rajini.

But today Vijay is in a situation to prove that he is the real box office king and is in want of an immediate block buster hit as all his recent movies Azhagiya Tamil Magan , Kuruvi, Villu ,Vettaikkaran not crossing the upper limits of box office  and especially  the current release Sura turning out to be the big disaster at the box-office after being bench marked as a average collections.

At this stage, the latest buzz is that Vijay has kicked off his 52nd film Velayutham with Jayam Raja.

Heroine, other cast and crew details are yet to finalized. On official confirmation the movie is expected to start rolling on the end of July.

Jayam Raja has so far directed only re-make films and Vijay is also keen working with re-make films. But Vijay has to understand that the key success for any film big or small, story is important. A good example is the recent small budget movie “Angaadi Theru” with good story did very well in box-office.



  1. Anonymous

    This vijay ass hole never understand that story is important… he wants punch dialogue for him… 4 to 5 fight scenes… build up background score… mother/sister sentiment scenes.. and want to project himself in the movies as if he is the person who wants to work for the ppl and help the poor and need.. useless beggar… need to get this ass hole out of tamil cinema.. this movie velayutham will be sure flop becos Jaya raja does not knw to direct good original script and our ass hole vijay does not know to act…

  2. Anonymous

    this pottai vijay dnt knw how to act… of d worst actor in tamil cinima,the actors lik vishal,barath,vikranth,sibiraj who says tat am a vijay fan wer also giving worst floph flms only…dis proves tat vijay is a worst rolemodel for youth!an actor who spoils d name of tamil cinima is vijay…

  3. Anonymous

    i vijay you are supr hero.
    and now 52th Velayutham movie and you are looking Velayutham movie Anushka Shetty heroien I think is best for your new movie?
    Because You (vijay) Anushka in vettaikaren best hero and heroine best movie ….

  4. Anonymous

    above anonymous is soranai kettavan….i valavu thittiyum vekkamillama vijay super nu sollran paaru……..

  5. Anonymous

    Correct..Vijay is Poor actor.. All know it.. So sad, that people in Tamilnadu took so much time to understand it..

  6. Anonymous

    ஏன்டா…ஏற்கனவே நீ அடி மேல அடி வாங்குற…உனக்கு வேற டைரக்டரே கிடைக்கலைய? ராஜா ஒரு டைரக்டர்ன்னு அவன் கிட்ட நடிக்கிற…அவன் இதுவரைக்கும் ஒரு படம் சொந்தமா எடுத்துருக்கானா? எல்லாம் ரீமேக் படம்…அவன் எல்லாம் ஒரு டைரக்டரே கிடையாது…சொந்தமா யோசிக்கிற அறிவு கிடையாது…அதுசரி விஜயும் அந்த மாதிரி படம் தானே பண்ணுறான்..உங்க ரெண்டு பேரையும் நிக்க வச்சு சுடணும்

  7. Anonymous

    hi vijay.dont take this comments seriously. you go in your own way and best of luck for your next films.your dance,acting,comedy,voice,fight all are one can beat you.

  8. Anonymous

    hi all….good that vijay's 50th film too flopped. I was expecting it to be an average film due to tamanna's popularity and luck….but even this didnt help vijay..poor soul….he needs to act with simran and Jothika to get his hit films ppl will come to atleast see simran….

  9. Anonymous

    i am your fan.whatever story u can act.i can like that film.but normal college students only expect good story select good story my vijay

  10. Anonymous

    hi all…already sun pictures struggling to make sura as hit,now vijay planned to spoil the feauture of Jayam Raja.already he is remaking the telgu movies with the help of his brother.bad luck Raja.defineatly it will be flop

  11. Anonymous

    nalla story than padathukku mukkiyam.kathaithan padathula hero.kathai illati padathula hero oru zero.vijay nee herova illa zerova.neeye mudivu pannikka.unnoda petchai neeye ketkamatta.em petchaiya kekka pora………..

  12. Anonymous

    pls change the story and stop the punch and over bulid up.Try to new style of acting by your fan.I like your film Love today to sura .PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS change the story

  13. Anonymous


    Your FANS will definitely won’t let you down even though if you give more flops…. We are just spending our money to see you in the BIG Screen., But do a LUV movie, ANTI Hero stores… this will work out for you…

    Keep continue your hard work in dance…


  14. Anonymous

    1. Hai Vijay, All the best for your next movie…..

    Don't worry about the critics from Ajith Fans…..

    Those guys are always like that….Ajith is the only guy who is independent and have struggled a lot in his career and it is really respectable…..But he never taught his followers or fans on how to give respect to Co – Heroes like he is giving…Everyone has a unique style……But it is my kind request, Be honest with your job(Film Career) and don't give priority to Politics…..Thinakaran's future Super Star Award came to you last year….Likewise you will find a place in Politics.

    Give Respect and take respect from Vijay Fans Club……

  15. Mani

    vijay has shown all the tallent in his last movie sura especially l liked his dance very much no one can dance like him very smoothly or simply.
    but i have a good advise that in future he should do own film not a remake films it is not good. he can do all the types of charectors, so we means vijay fans are asking him to give a good entertaining movie or a comedy movie or a family entertainer or like sachien or kushi.

  16. Mani

    don't take these bad comments seriously vijay u r the best no one like u.
    vijay rocksssssssssssssssssss
    tamanna rockssssssssss

  17. Anonymous

    hi anna im srini i think now u realized the story is important for the movie dont worry go in your way.unmaiyana vijay fans ungalodu irupargal.

  18. Anonymous

    Thalaiva You always Rocks. You ARE LIKE A GOD FOR US. You are the superstar and you will be the super star for ever. Good luck for KAAVALKARAN AND VELAYUTHAM. Keenly looking forward towards 3 idiots remake which is to be directed by Ace director SHANKAR.
    Ilaya Thalapathy Fans

  19. Anonymous


  20. Nagaraj

    vijay ,
    u r good in dance,fight etc
    but, choose some different subject

    if subject is not good , ur efforts will become useless
    dont care about this kind of negative feedback

    but pls show all , u could do a different subject.
    u have to show all of them by doing a different subject ,
    It can be dance oriented subject which will be different one.

    That would show ur ability and definitely u will get different name among our fans and auidence.

  21. Ilaya

    Anna though ur 50th movie s nt a big hit ur a real hero…
    U hve provd tht in ghilli,pokkiri, sivakasi, thirumal, thiurpachi ..
    I wish a all the best for up coming movies na..

  22. satish

    Hi don't be sad vijay be happy man best of luck for up coming film velayutham and kavalkaran dö not think about sura think about 2marro sir sorry if any wrong words by me. This is by vijay fan satish kutti and tn fans.

  23. Anonymous

    Buddies its BAD to swear somebody you don't know personally. vijay ajith surya vikram or who ever it may be…it not fair to swear with unnecessary words. Just leave it to them and let them live their life and you bother yours.If you don,t like the movie comment on the movie and the a specific person. There was a team which worked on it and not a specific individual. And who ever is commenting 1's talent please dont forget that vijay has acted in 50 movies its not easy please dont even try to argue that without giving a commercial success 1 can reach that stage. And how could Director shankar say that he would like to direct a movie. A reputed director like shankar. did he say coz vijay is a flop actor. Please understand and don't hurt once feeling. please please even if he gives the money to run a movie it cant happen for 50 films. There will be a reason for success and failure. he has already said that he is going to do different movies from now so let him free.. Lets talk about movies and not abot the individual person.

  24. Anonymous

    vijay brother ur the best ever ever i had seen.Its my pleasure to know u that all most all ur films except villu have its own entaining power.NOTE:please take films which is suitable to u,its my request.MAms in futurey god give u more and more good fil

  25. Anonymous

    this movie wil be a sure hit…..thalapathy wil give back 2 back block bosters….vijay u don't worry…v r hear for u…..

  26. barath

    hi am ur fan thaliva. I req. u do films wich u like & suitable for u.. and discuss with the director to cut the illogical diologues and sceens.vijay ur a good dancer!! we know dat but now u hav to prove vj a good actor,, so do different story.. we except u in diff getups.. den oly dat(anti vj fans) guyz r shut deir mouth and deir other parts!!! hope upcoming films are rock.!! am ur fan till i death!!!! vijay a next super star!!

  27. Anonymous

    hi thalaiva una aichika aley ila ne thairiyama nala padam panu unaku nanga irukom …. kaval kathal and velayutham will be a super hit film ……….. director kuda discussion pani nala srcipt panu unala mudiyathathu ethuvumey ila …. evalavo panita itha pana matiya thalaiva ………..

  28. bijay kannan

    vijay is apoor actor means how he reach this high position.for all the peoples there was a its time for vijay anna.kaaval kadhalan and velayutham are going to rock theatres u close ur sunni ok

  29. Dass

    Thalapathy…… v love u dude…. u r the authentic special guy of tamil nadu….next to MGR n RAJINI… everybody sees u as a person in their family in tamil nadu….. except few scene parties…….. dont mind about those ppl….. ne adichu dhool pannu ghilli……… ALL D BEST……. 😎

  30. Uthaya

    prombogu athaiyavudu avan seiyaranda nee enna pudugi irruga naya atudavana kora soldrathu vitutu poi nee orupura vazhiya paruda

  31. naveen

    vijay you do know how to act .then why you are acting in the films .you are such irrating person ,i have never seen person like you.

  32. vijay

    talavar singam-da,ethana padam flop aanalum vijay-a asaikkamudiyaduda.
    dai anonymous davidya magane ,punda magane,sunny magane,thattuvani punda. by
    thalaivar vijay fan

  33. Menaka krishnan

    Vijay i m from malaysia, johor state i like all ur movie and script. Kalethaike teriuma karpura vasanai…. so u go ahead with ur way vijay we are here to support you.. Good luck and best wishes.. 😉

  34. balaji

    plz do different project sir something different plz. i am ur fan i need some thing different plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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