Vijayakanth Speech at the Goripalayam audi launch


Vijayakanth feels that he has almost made an exit to the cinema after entering into the politics. He also added that he nowadays even doesn’t the cinema news in the newspaper. Vijayakanth has reduced the amount of cinema related functions he used to attend. Recently he was present in the audio release function of the flick ‘Goripalayam’ which is produced by Michael Rayappan.

To watch the video of Vijayakanth speech at the Goripalayam function click here

While addressing the function Vijayakanth says “Basically i dont participate in any cinema functions. after entering politics I have nearly made my exit in cinema. I dont even read the cinema news in the newspaper. I dont know who is acting and who are the new technicians even. I just came to this function as the producer for the film Michael Rayappan is my party member”.

He added “I dont have any problem in coming to cinema functions. The problem would only be for you. You would have unnecessary problems. You would have unwanted relationships. So only i’m away. When i heard the title of the film ‘Goripalayam’ sweet old memories came inside my mind. I also belong to Madurai. Born and brought up in Madurai. As a person from Madurai, I know well about Goripalayam. In present day situation, all films have the Madurai touch in them. A film is a hit only when the public appreciates it. They should enjoy the film to their heart. The filmshould be for the public. One more thing is that the film should be made short with proper planning. then only we will able to look for profit.

Producer association leader Rama Narayanan, director Raj Kapoor, Rasu Madhuravan, Producer Michael Rayappan , actor Lawrence were also present in the function


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