Vijayakanth declares 47 Crore in assets


Actor-turned-politician and DMDK founder Vijayakanth has assets worth around Rs 47 crore both immovable and movable, according to the election affidavit filed along with his nomination. Vijayakanth has shown an annual income of Rs 53.77 lakh and that he has a defamation case pending against him.

The affidavit contains the assets details of, Vijayakanth and Premalatha Vijayakanth, as he has movable assets account for Rs 9.04 crore and that of his wife Premalatha Rs 1.2 crore.He has immovable assets of Rs 10.83 crore, including agricultural land, while his wife has Rs 5.28 crore worth immovable assets.

He has Rs six lakh on hand. They owe a combined sum of around Rs nine crore as dues to government departments, including Income-Tax department, he said, adding appeals were pending in these matters.

Vijayakanth’s loans and liabilities amount to Rs 2.53 crore.

Vijayakanth’s assets range from a marriage hall to agricultural lands and investments in various firms. He has agricultural farms worth Rs 12.46 crore at Maduranthakam , Karadiputhur and Irugur in Kancheepuram district. He has nonagricultural lands worth Rs 1.1 crore. His house in south Chennai is worth Rs 1.6 crore. He has three vehicles worth Rs 50 lakh, which includes a Ford Endeavour.



  1. Senthuran

    47 Crore is nothing compared to what karunadi and his family have around 500 Crore or even more. 2G scam by selling business to western countries and drinking tamil blood. the poor and middle class should risem up aginst DMK

  2. owl

    vj kanth just joined that crew before few years and have 47 crores. how on this earth this kalaijan could have lesser assest than him while being in politics for 30-40 years??

    vijay kanth’s 5 year politics gave him 47 crore
    karunanedhi’s 40 years would have more than 376 crore :-E

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