Vijayakanth’s son Prabhakaran dreams of hero

Vijayakanth has been of later very busy with the cinema and the political works. At this instance, Vijayakanth’s elder son Prabhakaran has desired to act as hero in cinema.

Vijayakanth is a person with solid words that he never kept telling people that he will enter politics. He entered politics as soon as made up his mind and wen on to became a strong threat to the leading political parties in the State. Vijayakanth at present riding the twin horses of cinema and politics is thinking of putting a full stop to cinema and concentrating only on  politics. At this instance, his elder son Prabhakaran has shown interest to act as hero.

Prabhakaran is Vijayakanth’s elder son who wishes to enter cinema and catch his father’s position. He might be thinking of following his father’s fighting skills in films. At present Prabhakaran’s body weight would not allow him to follow his father’s action skills. Prabhakaran has started to work in his weight reduction, soon he will there in the screens. We would be soon having a new action hero!



  1. Anonymous

    I would suggest ramanarayanan films… he will be the first director to choose as hero… he he he….

  2. Anonymous

    looking forward to your first movie brother…..its been a while since captain came out with some entertainment. goodluck and god bless..

  3. Anonymous

    I love this blogger's work.. I am sure whoever wrote this, his/her intentions are to make sarcastic comments.. keep up the good work please.. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous

    Dont worry Prabhakaran…. weight reduction panna ellam strain eduthukatha… athu pannamaye Ramanarayanan chance kodupparu.. yannai kutti ellam vachu avar than padam pannuvaru

  5. Anonymous

    Beautiful game……vijayakanth porandhadhe thappu…..avanukku rendu yaanaikutty….idhula acting vera….pudingada avanungala

  6. Senthil Kumar R

    Already v hv a joker named: Powerstar, one more is in line nw. God bless Tamil movie industries. Real talent wll nt get recognized all with Father fame, sons are introduced.

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