madhil mel poonai movie poster

Vijay Vasanth’s Madhil Mel Poonai, an action-packed thriller

madhil mel poonai movie poster

Phoenix Pictures, a new production house owned by Kannanji, is producing a film titled Madhil Mel Poonai. The film stars Vijay Vasanth and Vibha in lead roles and is directed by Bharanu Jayapal. The film is being made as an action-packed thriller, says the director and adds that two scripts would be running parallel to each other in the film.

“The two scripts, which run on parallel tracks, would converge and become on at the stroke of intermission. One track would be Vibha and the other track would be about a bunch of children. The second half of the film was shot in dense forest areas. We applied for and secured special permission from the Govt. of Kerala to shoot in those forest areas which are hardly visited by any humans.

“There is a huge valley just four kilometers away from Achchankoil. A small strip of road, which can allow only one-way traffic, leads to the place. While we were filming at this place, a herd of elephants numbering 10-12 started coming towards us. We were scared out of our wits and couldn’t think about what to do for a few moments.

“We left the camera and other items as it is and ran into the dense forests to save our lives. Only after we realized a few minutes later that the tuskers had come to the place not to scare or attack us but to drink water from a nearby river that we started breathing normally. We waited patiently for more than an hour for the elephants to disperse and then started and completed our shooting work. The songs under Ganesh Raghavendra’s music have come out very well with Simbu lending his voice for a song,” says Jayapal.


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