Vijay teaches his success lessons to Vikranth

Vikranth in Goripalayam

Vikranth who is playing the anti-hero role in the film ‘Goripalayam’, thanks his cousin actor Vijay for providing him with valuable suggestions and inputs. Vikranth is very much exited as his Goripalayam hits theaters today. Vikranth said that Vijay’s advice worked wonders many a time by boosting my confidence.

When asking about any specific instructions he got from Vijay, he says, “Work hard, talk little, turn a deaf ear to sycophancy and insults. You’ll secure your place in the film industry soon. These are the words Vijay often utter.”

Saying Vijay has watched his films, Vikranth says, “After watching my debut movie ‘Karka Kasadara’, he complimented me for my dances and stunts. But I came to a conclusion after watching the film that I had to start from scratch.”

On ‘Goripalayam’, he says, “I am playing a totally different character thanks to director Rasu Madhuravan. It is an intense movie set in the backdrop of Madurai. It speaks a lot about friendship, love and revenge.”


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