Vijay-Seeman Pagalavan(Kobam) to take off soon

Seeman - Vijay
Seeman - Vijay

Director-actor Seeman, who has had a rough time in prison in the past few months, is now a freebird plans to re-start his film ‘Pagalavan’ with Vijay in the lead, announced with much fanfare prior to him being jailed.

It’s sheer coincidence that both Vijay and Seeman, who had been victims of their own fate, are coming together for ‘Pagalavan’, which was to be produced by ‘Kalaipuli’ Thaanu. Ater emerging from prison where he was held under NSA, Seeman appears more determined than ever to contine in his earlier mode of expressing his open support to Lankan Tamils and criticizing the Lankan government.

Vijay, on the other hand, is upset and angry that he has not been able to get the regular theatres for releasing his upcoming film ‘Kaavalan’ for Dec 25 as announced earlier nor even for Pongal and strongly feels that ruling poliical paties which are putting the ‘political pressure’ on the theatre owners from letting his film release in their theatres. In this backdrop, it won’t be surprising if Seeman-Vijay’s film is renamed as ‘Kobam’ !

Also now seems, Thaanu, who had earlier agreed to produce the film, is now said to be non-committal and is having second thoughts about going ahead and producing the film (under ‘political’ pressure?). Undeterred, Seeman has already started looking for another producer.



  1. Vasin


    Seeman have a pact with Vijay in Cinema and in Politics. I like Vijay aana ippo ellar meleyum santhegama irku. Vijay Thamilan thaana illa Ajith maathri dubagoor’a? Wiki’la details illa. 

  2. Random

    vijay is the best no onew can put him down….he will come right back up…i hate ppl who hate him because his movie was a flop calm urself he will get back there

  3. Vasin

    Munnadi Germans America migrate aanange daily Beef saapdarathuku. Ippo Armin Meiwes’um avanoda gang’um daily ‘slave meat’ enga kedaikumnu theditrinthanga. Ajith fans than athunu ippo avungaluku therinju poachu. Athan Chennai varaanga.

  4. Vasin

    Armin Meiwes Ajith’a saapida maatan. Avnuku slaves’na than saapiduvan. Ajith Fans sethanga. Nee than top in the list!

  5. Vasin

    Armin Meiwes Ajith’a saapida maatan. Avnuku slaves’na than saapiduvan. Ajith Fans sethanga. Nee than second in the list!

  6. Vasin

    I hope so. Inga entha Thamil pasangala ketalum Ajith thaan thanga hero’nu solvaanga. Oruvaati casual’a wiki ponen. Palakad’nu pattuthu. Like Thrisha he also is Thamil nenenchten. I don’t take actors seriously so didn’t bother to have a good look but I know actors have a big influence on our people’s thinking.

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