Vijay seeks advice from Ajith

Vijay - Ajith
Vijay - Ajith

Ajith and Vijay may be be rivals in their professional lives and from  the two top stars fans perspective  but as of now after news spread that Vijay is planning to enter politics  Industry insiders told us Vijay has been in deep discussions with his close friends about his entry into politics and even has hold a  discussion  with Ajith.

Not a surprise indeed we have seen prior to this situation Vijay has given helpful advice to Ajith during his dark days. Don’t you remember the incident when Ajith’s daughter’s (Anoushka) photo appeared in the media, Vijay back then advised Ajith that he should not allow such things to happen as it would adversely affect the child’s privacy.

Moreover when Ajith got into trouble during the Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s felicitation function  good friend Vijay did give  him tips on how to handle the  critical situation.

We wonder what Vijay fans think about Ajith’s advice for Vijay. Only time will  the  true thala-thalapthy friendship bond ?



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