Vijay praises Jayam Rajas efforts in making Velayudham

Vijay praises Jayam Raja

Director ‘Jayam’ Raja, who hasn’t directed any other heroes other than his younger sibling and actor ‘Jayam’ Ravi, is directing for the first time a film from outside his family fold. Usually, Raja’s films star Ravi as the hero and are produced by their father, ‘Editor’ Mohan. Raja has just completed the shooting of ‘Velayudham’ which stars Vijay in the lead.

Produced by Ravichandran’s Ascar Films, ‘Velayudham’ has the chirpy Genelia and Hansika opposite Vijay. Saranya Mohan plays Vijay’s younger sister in the film. Commenting about the film, Vijay has said that Raja has done a ‘highly appreciable job’ and added that the film has come off very well and would meet the expectations of his fans to the maximum possible extent.

It is said that the dubbing and re-recording work of the film is in progress. After watching the ‘rush’ of the film recently, Vijay simply left the place without uttering even a single word to Raja, who was seated nearby. Some minutes later, Raja got a call from his father who said that Vijay spoke to him and told that he got overwhelmed by the movie which had come out ‘very well’. Mohan also told his elder son that Vijay lauded his efforts in making the film.

Vijay is a simpleton and it was an unforgettable experience for me to have had the opportunity to direct him in a film. The film would show him ‘differently’ and I’m sure would be liked by his fans and the movie-goers in a big way,” said Raja.



  1. முனியாண்டி

    பண்ணுறதே ரீமேக் படம். இதுல புகழ்ச்சி வேற.

  2. vijay veriyan

    Paradesi.. Unaku padicha book ah kuda olunga reproduce pana theriyathu exam la… ne ellam remake ah pathi nakkal vidra… yosanaikabal.. poda.. poi sambarikura valiya paaru.. avanga ellam thiramai illama illa ok va .. thats why ,they are in the news and we are still commenting on them

  3. XXX

    Genelia is the journalist who is harassed by the misdeeds of Abhimanyu singh the most influential person and an underworld mafia don in the city. Then she happens to see an accident in which a bunch of rowdies die. She takes the opportunity to create a fictional character called ‘Velayutham’. She writes a letter that ‘Velayutham’ has done this assassination to end the rowdy deeds in the city. And the word spread like wildfire that there is a guy called ‘Velayutham’ who is the protector of common man. Genelia takes more opportunities like popularize the character of ‘Velayutham’

  4. XXX

    There is a humble guy (Vijay) in Village who has a widowed mother, a beautiful sister (Saranya mohan) and a cute murai Ponnu (Hansikha) to take care of. As his sister’s marriage is fixed, Vijay will come to Chennai to get the Money he saved in a chit fund company. There he happens to be involved in a few bomb blasting incidents and avoids all the bomb blasts happen without his knowledge. People start thinking that he is the ‘Velayutham’. And Genelia meets him and explains him about her mission of ending nonsense in the city. ‘Velayutham’ Velu, who is more interested in taking money from Chitfund Company and go back to village to participate in his sister’s marriage refuses to don the role of legendry character ‘Velayutham’.

  5. XXX

    But later on that chitfund company turns out to be bogus one. And they cheat Velu. By looking at victims committing suicides, Velu wants to don the mask of ”Velayutham’’ and stop corruption in the city. All the incidents that happen make Abhimanyu feel disturbed and Abhimanyu kills & blasts Velu’s sister at her wedding
    Abhimanyu  demands to the government like money and some other etc.,

  6. XXX

    Velu also came to know that Abhimanyu  is wearing a mask called Romba nallavan, but actually he is not and he is going to do something bad. And the rest of the film is about how Velu assassinates Abhimanyu  and his gang of goons. If you want to know how Velu put an end to the Abhimanyu’s  life and whom he did marry ultimately (Genelia or Hansikha ), you gotta watch this film on the giant screen

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