Vijay opens up: Ruling party behind all Kaavalan troubles


Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s Kaavalan directed by Siddique is a huge success despite all the initial hiccups and the star has once again proved that he can romance, create a laugh riot and emote. Followed by the success, the star has now opened up in an interview recently, to a leading regional weekly wherein he has clearly notified those who were ‘behind’ the troubles caused to him prior to the release of his latest film ‘Kaavalan’. The actor has explained in graphic detail all the troubles and travails he faced and added that he was put to so much troubles only by the men from the ‘ruling partyDMK.

In that interview, Vijay had ‘rewinded’ history by quoting from Mahatma Gandhi’s life. “Only after he was humiliated in the train did he turn into a ‘Mahatma’, till then known to the world as Mohandoss Gandhi, . The late and legendary MGR was unceremoniously exited from the DMK which resulted in him becoming the undisputed leader of the masses and a ‘permanent’ chief minister till his demise.”

“Madam Jayalalithaa (AIADMK Supremo), a fighter to the core, was insulted beyond the limit during the funeral procession of the late MGR, which gave her immense determination and mental strength to bounce back and become chief minister not once but twice. Even now she breathes fire as she is again in a comeback mode. The same thing happened with Vijayakanth, who has now become a force to reckon with in Tamil Nadu politics.”

“I feel that I’m targeted now. The public have given me a better position in the industry, more than what I wanted when I entered Kollywood. Days are not far when the same public would make me sit elsewhere…I’m making strong foundations preceding my plunge into active politics. It’s the Almighty who decides about everything!” concludes Vijay on a philosophical note.

This interview certainly is sending a strong message to all Vijay Fans across.



  1. brave man

    poda poolu k and agree with k. intha kalathula yaaruda ivlo thairiyama paesuranga. vijay good work keep it up

  2. aravind

    Still he dont have the guts to tell the name in public…only these people are heroes in cinema but in normal life they r very very less courageous than a common man…….

  3. Alex

    Great ! that’s Vijay he rocks ! and all others who’re commenting against are jealous just fuck off u stupid

  4. murugan

    Very good Vijay you and Vijayakaanth join he first supported you in Sendhoorapaandi now you support him in politcs leter you become leader first vijayakanth better Congress because RAHUL GANDHI HAS GREAT MIND AND SIMPLICITY

  5. Pandi

    Aravind… your bro ajit nd your grandpa dmk only talks….. but our thalapathi do things no talks but action…thats what our logon…

  6. Pandi

    What will you do if he tell the name in public… pudumgum …what have u done for tamilnadu and tamil… just evena a small contribution, let us know.   You too have commitment to the communities… you too ass hole..  what do you want? all this supper heros come down to show supermanism in tamilnadu… its your dream…

  7. aravind

    All heros are zero….whatever u may think of u r hero……bcas of these types of acts only fucking DMK getting bolder…..if your hero had openly called for fight surely he would have won….see one day u r hero would act in their production banner……bcas all are afraid of their power and money…i havent stole money and the time of public in the name of entertainment……so i need not answer to these rubbish and all…..grow up my friend…always be rationale……they are here to earn money not for social service…..these are the testing times for u r thalaivar……think about MGR…he had openly fought with DMK fucks when they caused troubled for him and his movie….that is real guts….

  8. aravind

    MUrugan why do u think we could be ruled by flim personalities……..all the people have hidden agenda…that too actors turned politicians…..grow up man u also have the quality to become leader…..stand up……..regarding Rahul i think he is one of the biggest beneficiary of 2G spectrum……

  9. Stanly

    thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………dmk thevdiya pasanga election varuthula poola umbunga da…………………….

  10. vijayfan

    I like vijay as an actor but i dont think he will be a good politician.

    Anyway i wish him all the best. We are always with you on whatever you do.. 🙂

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