Vijay-Jeeva-Srikanth – The 3 Rascals

Vijay-Jeeva-Srikanth 3-idiots-remake
Vijay-Jeeva-Srikanth 3-idiots-remake

Everyone’s wondering who will be the 3 Idiots in the controversial Shankar’s remake of the Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots.

Aamir Khan had a great stint at the box office with the movie.R. Madhavan played an important role in the Hindi version of the movie.

We have news for you its confirmed!

The Tamil version of the movie had already finalized Vijay’s role but the rest of the characters were  yet undecided .
While we had covered Vinay Rai’s refusal to act in the movie, the latest update states that Vijay, Srikanth and Jeeva are going to play the act. The film is yet to be titled but will have a Tamil title for tax reasons.

The movie generally talks about all that is wrong with our education system, and how a mad professor is killing all the fun involved in learning something new.

On other roles, Sathyaraj will play Boman Irani (Professor) and Ileana will play Kareena. The shooting will start early next month.

“Lets wait and watch if the 3 idiots get lucky this time .”



  1. Sakkarai Inikira Sakkarai

    Srikanth did not do nothing to us..but he does not seem suitable for this role.. If you have seen the hindi version of this movie.. then you would understand.. They need peoples who are really funny..well not really but kind of atleast. Srikanth is cool but just not cool enough for this role… Like a viewer said above Siddarth or bharth would have been perfect for the role. Srikanth is a good actor still i got nothing against him.

  2. san33

    oh if u compare wid hindi version, is the other heros are perfect to the role..dnt be silly.. evryone luks like  nt apt for the role.. for vijay, do u thnk if arya or surya or siddarth or maddy stands to other role,, he will be lost in the crowd in evrythng smartness,acting or wtever… illana shooting padhila nidupoidum.. dats a shame la… adhanala ippadi than choose pannuvanga..

  3. vijay fan

    dai peetha baadu AJITH AND AJITH FAN unnaku en da yeriyuthu. ungala naanga aethavathu sonnoma da. poriki naye paratheysi mooditu unga velaya mattum paarunga da punnaku pasangala

  4. vijay

    ohhhhhhhhh my god. srikanth. are u joking. he is not actor. if srikanth act in this flim, i am sure that it is mega flop movie

  5. arya,srikanth ,dhanush

    hey srikanth is apt for the role but vijay is not can be arya,dhanush and will be hit.Mr.shankar this is my opinion kindly look into it.

  6. Sabes

    I watched the Hindi version it so amazing movie i dnt think my opinion is no one fit for the roles, srikanth can NOT fit in to R.Mathavan’s role he nicely done his role and Jeeva wouldnt be able to do want the othe guy is doing in hindi and i dnt think so it a role for Vijay Mr. Shankar you are taking a big big big risk ON THIS actually no one fit for there role SORRY 
    and defnalty not for  arya,srikanth ,dhanush  

  7. Sf

    vijay n srikanth is nt @ all suitable 4 th roles thn dam sure movie flop !!
    shankar sir y ur selection went tis bad i dnt.
    instead of them u could hav choosen arya or surya or sum1 else

  8. usha

    surya, jeeva, siddarth would be nice.. or arya, jeeva, barath also would be nice.. wonder why shankar didnt think of this combinations..

  9. Vasin

    Since he could not become a high profilel Engineer or a Programmer Shankar tries to show off in his movies. However he is not that good. His movies don’t look like compact codes or the engineering behind London Eye. This movie also would disappoint.

  10. ridda

    the only charactor that would suit this movie….is sathyaraj…he would be the only one that would do justice to his character in the tamil version!!

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