Vijay-Gautham Menon’s Yohan : Adhyayam Ondru Movie Still 3

Vijay Gautham Menons Yohan  Adhyayam Ondru Movie Still 2

Take a look at the just-out poster coming exclusively from the Vijay-Gautham Menon’s  Yohan : Adhyayam Ondru  camp for all you Kolly fans. After cruising through New York to Paris, now our hero sets his foot in Cidade Maravilhosa’ – Rio de Janeiro. Ilayathalapathy Vijay is seen boldly sporting a double rifle, close to his chest dressed in a long black coat, tightly fitting his lean looks. Adding to the detective touches is his black tie and a white shirt worn inside and Boy! does he look dashing in those shades.

The promo poster also has a 130 ft tall, 98 feet wide “Christ the Redeemer” statue, weighing a staggering 635 tonnes which has been neatly tucked away in the background. The towering statue planted on top of the 2,300 ft Corcovado Mountain overlooks the ever famous foot-balling nation of Brazil. The tagline for this one reads “Mission 36:Rio Brazil.” Now that’s a big jump from the earlier Mission 1: in New York and Mission 2: in Paris.

So there’s a lot to catch up eh? Don’t worry we’ll to the detective work for you meanwhile you stay glued to Kollytalk.





  1. meera

    hpe ther shd not b any hero intro song in tis flim…………….tis flim reminds me quick gun murgannnnnnnnn

  2. yohan

    sollitharu da periya udaynithi stalin..nee oru flop..periya parupu mari vijay kudu pothi pothe..ippu enna achi..nakiruchu uh..DMK ke sanggu doi..vijay mass!!

  3. Smile

    Ok…so far they have shown USA,China and Brazil.And this one says mission 36.How many missions in total?Padam fulla ulagatha suthi kataporangana Dir.Shankar budgeta thandidume!

  4. DK

    Dont know how far vijay fans can understand if it is a hifi movie???surya or ajith would have been a better choice

  5. Vijay sucks!!

    amam thalaiva.. alathiyum neengala pudugingo.. producer, director, distributor, theatre owner.. also send the heroine out of Tamil film industry.. LOL..


    yohan chapter 1 sound like a bible worse. all gautham movies are crap off the par are too long.
    k.v anand and harris are the best combo we have now.

  7. jimiki

    once upon a time during the movies of poovae unakaga, love today, kushi, kadhaluku mariyadhai… i was so proud to be his fan.. can anyone refuse this?? but later after some movies like thirumalai, kuruvi, sura.. etc.. i dont like to say to others that i am a fan of him but now i think he again started doing some good movies.. so he is coming back to his old form.. so we people should encourage him..  most of the films are remake in tamil industry..  it only matters that how the actor or actress act better than the original.. as an indian and tamilian we should always encourage our movies.. should not under estimate our movies.. so lets hope for the best.. 

  8. guestungo

    I’m sure this film will not take off first Jaggubhai 😀

    just posters to create hype…then as usual..Gautham will say some bad things abut heroes…etc…

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