Vijay fans protest against Sri Lanka president

Vijay Fans Protest

Actor Vijay’s fans held protest demonstration in Salem demanding the arrest of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse for the ‘war crimes’ he had allegedly committed during the all-out offensive launched by the Lankan government against LTTE. In the name of ‘offensive’, what Rajapakse indulged in was nothing but ‘genocide’ of Lankan Tamils, the fans said.

‘The Lankan president has been accused of committing war crimes against Tamils by U.N. and the international community; he should be arrested at once and his trial should take place in the International Court of Justice,” the fans raised slogans against the Lankan president.

The protest march was led by Parthiban, head of Vijay Fans’ Club in Salem District. Fans numbering more than 500 participated in the protest. After raising slogans, the fans dispersed, announcing promptly that the next level of protest would be planned in a ‘grand’ and large scale.



  1. Aravind

    Plz Srilankan tamils nimmathiya sagavathu vinga da……yen da ellarum sernthu entha marithri kodumaipaduthureenga???avangal konnathu pathatha…….oru nal porratam…apprum marthuduveenga….unga suyanalthukaga avangloda keli porul akiteenga…….

  2. stupid indians

    vijaukum parthibanukum avanda punda fans kum vera vela illa. ivanuwal ellathayum polinla nippati veithu mahinda rajapkaseta solli suthu adikkanum

  3. rock

    u guys dont have mind that ashole vijay is telling some crap fr his political carrier n the fans of him prottesting against sri lanka, first he sholud think the own country poblems and try to solve it, vijay cannot do shit even properly, n hes concern abt SL, im not a vijay fan eny more n im soorry fr u guys

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