Vijay Condemns the Killing of Kids at Coimbatore


Actor Vijay condemned the brutual murder of two innocent kids at Coimbatore by a call taxi driver on Friday.

In a heart-wrenching incident, a 10-year-old girl(Muskan) and her seven-year-old brother(Hrithik) were allegedly kidnapped and thrown into a canal by a driver, identified as Mohana Krishnan alias Raj (23). While the girl’s body was found in the PAP canal in Vavipalayam, near Palladam in Tirupur district, the boy’s body is yet to be found.

According to the police, the driver Mohana Krishnan, had to repay a debt of Rs 2 lakh and hence, kidnapped the children – studying in standard V and III of  Coimbatore businessman P Ranjit Kumar Jain for ransom.

During interrogation, Mohana Krishnan, the father of a 11-month-old child, reportedly confessed to having pushed the children into the canal after they started crying.

Jains with their son Hrithik. The seven-year-old and his sister Muskan (right) were abducted from outside their house by their former school van driver on Friday

“He had kidnapped the kids for ransom. But he panicked. Fearing that the police will track him down, he murdered them and threw their bodies into a canal near Pollachi,” a police source said.

Vijay who is currently shooting for ‘Velayudham’ in Udumalapet described the brutal murder of the kids is a barbaric and inhuman incident.

Condemning the killing he said in a statement, My heart breaks for the two children they were murdered brutually. Killing of innocent is the killing of entire society,and this inhumanely & barbarically manner. The culprit of the inhumane act should be given death sentence.

The incidents of kidnapping and murdering Kids have been increased.The penalty for such crimes should be death. I am not telling this as an actor, but as a representative of lakhs of persons with humanity.

The damages are huge and irrepairable.May God give the parents the strength and courage to bear this huge loss.

Our thoughts go out to the families, how sick can someone be to commit this type of crime. When is this cycle of violence going to stop?



  1. Vasin

    Death Penalty won’t do.

    The Indian Government through our president must establish a death squad now to defeat criminals. The officers must be provided with ‘Licence to Kill’. They can kill anybody. However they must inform the president beforehand but don’t require authorisation. They can spend any amount of money. Their families must be settled in the safer countries in the west. There actions must never be punishable when they hold their licenses. Every year the President must renew the license. The selection of personnel is the key.

    Now no one fears God. Therefore we have to create a new God officially to do what Lord Shiva may have used to do before. Law cannot win against criminals because they can see it unlike the God so they will hide. The president has to create the modern God now which only he and a few high ranking officials can see.

    The new God which is the group of Licensed Killers will bring the fear back into criminal’s mind. If they believe Mohan Krishnan actually did it they will kill him even if he fights in Courts.



  3. Vasin


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  7. Vasin

    Intha Sunday varaikum ithan polaipu, after that enaku americala kakoos kaluvura vela iruku, ippo leave la thaan India vandhirukaen, ingeyum free timela intha vela thaan seiraen, unga veetla kakoos kaluvanuma nutty?

  8. Vasin

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  9. Intrest Intrest

    vehamaga pogikondirukum inda vaalkai soolalil, kuruku valiyil sambadika ninaipavargal adhigam , mohana krishnan avargalil oruvar,  inda societya tiruta oru nalla var varamattara ?????????

  10. ram

    hmmmmm pavam chinna kolanthinga……pdaikave romba kastama erruku…..if i get  a chance i will surely kill those animals

  11. x

    From many situations, its clear that we all should not keep a servant or car driver for us in our home…
    Because they leaks all the secrets..
    now a days No ones life is secured…
    If that driver is the real killer, then his total family should be punished..(Hanged)…

  12. sharannn

    we miss u muskin and rithik………….. there was no god when u r getting torture by tat idiot mohana krishnan…………… i really very disapointed when i hear this news…………  i love u muskin

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