Vijay compensates theatre owners

Vijay compromised with theatre owners

According to reliable sources, the issue between theatre owners and Vijay is amicably resolved. Vijay has made the settlement to the theatre owners with some last minute negotiations.

Two weeks back, Theatre Owners Association in Tamil Nadu were demanding that actor Vijay should act in a film for them to make good the losses they had incurred in screening his films after screening his recent release ‘Sura’ which failed miserably at the Box Office.

Also the Theatre Owners Association threatened to boycott movies starring Vijay in future, if he failed to compensate them for the huge losses they suffered .

Finding no other way except accepting the demand of Theatre Owners, Vijay has agreed to compensate the losses incurred after a few negotiations. As per the negotiations and agreement Vijay will take over the film ‘Kaavalkaran’ as a first copy basis and release it after settling the mutually accepted loses. And more to that his upcoming films will be released in theaters which incurred losses screening  Sura on priority.

‘Kaavalkaran’ is expected to be released in August, the same time when Rajini’s Endhiran is getting released.



  1. Anonymous

    Theres no use in comparing him to other actors like Rajini. Rajini sir is way more experienced than him and hes always gonna rock. But at the same time, its not that vijay is a bad actor. He's just choosing films that are portraying him as to someone who you cant relate to anymore.

    I mean he was really good in 'gilli' and some of the movies before.
    He just has to stop with all the nonsense where they show 'his veins becoming prominent all of a sudden or his eyes turning red'.
    Thats just crap.

    And bad choice for release date, Endhiran is gonna be no competition for his…

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