Vijay bags popular Tamil hero Asianet Film Award

Vijay bags popular Tamil hero award
Vijay bags popular Tamil hero award

The 13th Ujala-Asianet Film Awards 2011 was announced on the 1st day of the New Year and big names of the Malayalam industry ruled this year in almost all categories. Interestingly, for the first time, ‘Asianet’ has announced awards for Tamil actors. And Ilayathalapathy Vijay has been chosen for Most Popular Tamil Hero Award for his Tamil films.

It may be worth mentioning here that Vijay fans from God’s own country recently launched the towering statue of the star which electronically reacts to the beat of drums much to the delight of many fans in typical Vijay style.

Click here for watch the  Vijay Statue at Kerala Photos and Video

While Mohanlal was selected for the special jury honour “Asianet Golden Star” for his overall contributions to the cinema during his career spanning nearly three decades. Megastar Mammootty who was the previous year’s “golden star”, won the best actor award for his performance in three super hit films released last year – Best Actor, Pranchiyettan the Saint and Kutty Srank.

Nayantara walked away with best actress award for her performance in the Malayalam version of Kaavalan ‘Body Guard’.

Looks like it is a great start to 2011 for Vijay, the hero of mass.



  1. bp

    indha comedy dha enaku roamba pudichu iruku… first ,tamil nadu state film award vanga sollu….andha ooru karan padatha remake pana 

  2. surya rox

    no wonder… vijay deserve this award….
    who can made hits with top mokka movies like sura, atm, villu, kuruvi….etc..
    only stupid vijay fans can do this miracles….
    hats off to vijay fans…. vijays deserve ds award, and we proud to be a tamizhan….

  3. surya sucks

    semma comedy boss did u seen the “surya shocked about suri death video” pool madiri bayadho odothu paru. endha videoku comment kodukaradha vettutu andha videoku poi comment padra bawd

  4. surya rox

    ha haa….. oru tamil padama olunga oduthilla…. pirahu yaen vijaya surya kuda compare pannikkuttu…
    mmm… time waste energy waste…. aiyo aiyo………….semma comedy boss…..

  5. san33

    hey vidunga pa edhukku eppadi vijay vachi otturinga.. he deserves dis award bcos ppl are continuously criticizing him n his non stop nonsense movies badly and so he is the one who way very popular  in last year…

  6. san33

    hey vidunga pa edhukku eppadi vijay vachi otturinga..pavam vijay fans..  he deserves dis award bcos ppl are continuously criticizing him n his non stop nonsense movies badly and so he is the one who was very popular  in last year

  7. venkatprabhu

    u hav to encaurage him,as a tamilperson he won this award.Also ajith&vijay got  friendship.giv suggetion don,t do remak.but alwaysdiscauraging him is very bad as a man.

  8. arivalagan

    hello sano who told you rajini no mass in malayalam ?maybe u r vijay fan .u ask anybody rajini&kamal were best all the time

  9. chitti

    Vijay padam pakara mari muttalthanam yeduvumea kidaiyadu……….
    Avana vachu padam yedukura producer ra mothala serupala adikunum……….
    Avana vachu direct panravana adikanum……………

    Ethalam oru padam nu nadikaranea anda Vijay ya kalla kondea adikanum……..
    Evanuku award oru kedu. Kasu koduthu vankirupan award da………..

    Vijay fans dont waste ur precious time……

  10. guy

    dei kadavul.. u r born to a dog.. how dare u say surya as ‘naai’? all u f**kers can only comment on surya’s height and tat video where he reacted to suri’s death.. can u comment anything bad abt his movies or acting? vijay dunno the audience taste and blindly believes tat his movies will be a superhit jus bcos he is so-called the mass hero!! time has changed and grow up ppl!! even rajini break the superstar image in endhiran and he performed!! when some1 who has been in the industry for more than 30years can do tat, why cant vijay break his ‘mass hero’ image? have u seen his interviews? he’s jus heavy-headed and now using politics to get attention and make his movie run!! ask him to give at least 1 hit and his ‘fans’ can comment on other heroes!! until then u guys who call urself vijay fans has no standard to even talk abt surya!!

  11. san33

    hey @guy u r absoluetly right on wen commenting surya and vijay but about rajini i dnt agree.. Rajini has become mass hero only in late 90s wen badsha, arunachalam,padyappa den later movies till Endhiran.. before that Rajini was fabulous actor u need to watch his acting skills .. eg:his paratai char ,bairavi,6ilirundhu 60varai,padikathavan, mullum malarum,murdu mudichu lot more.. none of these movies protrays rajini to have mass image.. n he has done almost all char as hero,villan,supportive roles..since he did different roles he gained diff age groups fans in his early n mid career period..  so ppl who thinks rajini is mass means den it is wrong.. and now at this age he has become commercial hero.. i dnt think its wrong..and the truth is, ppl accept him … ppl all over India gets excited wen his movie hits screen even at this age..its just bcos it is Rajinimania…if vijay continue act like dis.. he will nt even cross nearby small theatres audience  … only prob vijay have is he cant act other than dancing ..funny thing is everybody is dancing so well wen v switch on TV its nt just vijay cud dance well.. lot of new heros,heroines.. evryone are dancing so well.. 

  12. முனியாண்டி

    இந்த award  ட விஜய்க்கு கொடுப்பதை விட குப்பையில் போடுவது மேல்…………………

  13. aravind

    guys he is surely a good entertainer…the only problem with vijay is he is getting caried over by mass hero status……just ask him to act according to the story needs…remember kadhaluku mariyathi is the turning point in his whole cinema life…….the guy who is responsible for his downfall is Perarasu who mislead him to such a downfalll……vijay dont take u r fans for granted……….as Rajini said romba uyarama pogumpothu panivu vendum……past is past…i like to see u as good entertainer again…hope kavalan would turn u r bad time….

  14. lala

    You guys relax!
    Vj is the best : 🙂
    he certainly followed the same format of acting for awhile but now hes back with it with different action. So pls chiti relax budy.

  15. vijay veriyan

    dai suriya lam oru _ _ _ _ _ ya? shoe podama nadika mudiuma avanala
    evlo naltha neenga intha aatam poduvinga nu pakalam da

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