Vijay at Vijay TVs Koffee with Anu Jan 23 Show Stills

Actor Vijay at Vijay TVs Koffee with Anu Stills
Actor Vijay at Vijay TVs Koffee with Anu Stills

For “Vijay TV  Koffee with Anu season 3’   23 Jan 2011  the special guest on the show is actor Vijay.

In this special episode Ilayathalapthy  Vijay would speak of  his life in different stage starting from childhood days, his parents, kids, friends and many more. He also speaks about ‘Kaavalan’ which was released after much chaos and now running successfully. He also recollects the shooting moments and shares them with the viewers. This apart there are many interesting aspects like his film career, the people who he is thankful to and much more. Don’t miss to watch this episode of Vijay TV  Koffee with Anu season 3, featuring actor Vijay on 23 January 2011, Sunday at 2000 hrs on Vijay TV.

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  1. vijay fan

    he is looking cute, waiting to see the koffee with anu show, i saw movie in U.S., IT WAS TOO CROWD TO SEE KAVALAN MOVIE, WAIT AND SEE THE 2011 BLOCK BUSTER

  2. Raj

    you can be fan of anyone u want but dont tell lie. I am also from US. There are only 6 ppl in theatre when i watched it. get real.

  3. waran

    i gues u watch the movie not in us then us means United States of America  are you sure Raj ur in America because i watched the movie too it was crowded too and it is the best film of all of the movies came out this pongal going to watch it again too

  4. waran

    dai vignesh first of all you are an idiot. stop calling others idiot now if vijay is an idiot he will be like sumwhere in da corner like you ass hole and Vijay tv wouldnt call him for this show. if you r sayin thalaivasal vijay could act what the fuck u can do u useless do you even knoe hoe to act on the stage first, only people who hv no life say things like you so stop callin others idiot and your the biggest idiot infront of everyone now so go get a life

  5. girly

    hey kena waran, US enga irukkhu theriyuma world map la nu sollitidha.. in US usuala even gud or big budget/Star tamil movies draw minimal crowd den picks up.. for instance endhiran..but for dis movie there is no expectation and eventually no crowd..

  6. surya

    dai raj in am from NEWJERSY, (US) i watched the movie in big cinemas on 16th noon show the theater was filled more than 75% so nee un poolu illa punda ellathayum moodalam.

  7. JAI

    After a long time he came back decent…according to the director advice..hope he continues.. Not like wearing baniyan and sitting in college and advicing teachers …(Vettaikaran)

  8. [email protected]

    u waran fucking ashole….i am in working in a big IT company …i guess u might be working as a toilet cleaner or auto driver or some mechanic like the kind of characters vijay portrays in his movies like thirumalai,aathi….thats y u r vijays fan…..its a pubic forum and anybody is bound to opine their own views…

    again u will reply saying that u r in United states…..we can easily predict based on ur language and taste where u r working….. as Ms. girly rightly said below “US enga irukkhu theriyuma world map la nu sollitidha.”…. grow up dude bye

  9. Vasin

    Dei Vijay You look young and good. Anu’oda chat panrapo slow train maathri pesama vibrant’a pesu. Dei Vijay show you are capable in real life too.

  10. waran

    you stupid, who the fuck cares u work at it company, from your talk i could say that ur probably workin at a shitiest it company so stop exaggerating ur self. your like one of those ass hole who doesnt hav aim in their life. first go learn how to speak english and if you work at it doesn’t mean you knoe everything so learn how to comment on the public website you fool. first of if you dun like vijay stop commenting on his fan site now get outta here and dunt cum back 

  11. [email protected]

    u disgusting ashole…u have to learn english idiot…look at ur comment ‘work at it company’…….it shud be ‘working in it company’… this there are lots of mistakes in ur comments… dont make fun of urself…..i think u r already taking some rapidex courses….gud keep it up….its my wish to comment on where ever i want….so shut up and continue with ur job….u useless idiot…. 

  12. subha

    guys like u will just  know to criticise others…… nothin more than this  u can do….. and stop blabbering about vijay… >:o >:o >:o >:o .

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