Vijay asks Ameer to withdraw his resignation from TANTIS

Vijay asks Ameer to withdraw his resignation from TANTIS

Vijay asks Ameer to withdraw his resignation from TANTISThe controversy surrounding the Original script writer  of actor Vikram’s latest film Thaandavam is still raging and has already seen a casualty, when director Ameer stepped down from the post of general secretary of the Tamil Film Directors’ Association (TANTIS).

Vijay, director of Thaandavam, has appealed to Ameer to consider withdrawing his resignation from the Association.

In a signed statement, Vijay has said “I’d like to record my views on the issue as the director and screenplay-writer of Thaandavam. Everybody is aware of the impartial stance taken by the TANTIS on Shri Ponnuswamy’s complaint against me and UTV’s Dhananjayan. After the Court refused to stay and allowed the film’s release, I thought the issue had come to an end.  However, instead of feeling happy, I feel painful as Ameer has resigned from his post at the TANTIS. Ameer had always remained unbiased and advised Ponnuswamy and me to take legal recourse to solve the impasse. All he wanted was that truth and justice should prevail over all other pretty interests. Despite his own hectic schedule, he spent considerable time in attempting to solve the issue.”

“I felt bad when I heard some section of people talking ill of Ameer’s attitude and his stance in the issue. Ameer has played a stellar role in making TANTIS an important organ in the world of Tamil films. It’s not fair to level false and baseless allegations against a man of Ameer’s caliber. I hereby appeal to Ameer to withdraw his resignation in the interest of the TANTIS in particular and for the betterment of the industry as a whole,” the statement concluded.


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