Vijay as Boominathan in Kavalan

Actor Vijay

Being as busy as a bee, Ilayathalapathy Vijay is currently working in two projects simultaneously.

The former is Kavalan, directed by Siddique of Friends fame and the latter is Velayutham, directed by M.Raja who gave us the refreshing remake flicks like Santhosh Subramaniam.

The movie Kavalan is a remake of the malayalam movie Bodyguard and in Tamil, Vijay is performing the role played by actor Dileep. The sources around the corner says, Actor Vijay holds the name Boominathan in the movie Kavalan.

Vijay, the man who loves to entertain the people by his own commercial formula has taken a different route for this moment as he is conceiving the role of an innocent guy. “At the same time, there will be enough scope for action, when compared to the original malayalm version as director Siddique has made little changes to the original story keeping in mind the action hero image of Vijay.” Source says.

Although Siddiques earlier flick with Vijay ( Friends) was acclaimed as a comedy entertainer, the film had its own emotional appeal.  Likely Kavalan also has a heart touching  climax scene which will bring tears in the eyes of the movie watchers according to sources.

Vadivelu, the Comedian who covers the people of all ages by his unique style is sharing the space in Kavalan too.  Vijay and Asin have jointly bestowed two Box office breakers, Pokkiri and Sivakasi. So,the Expectation meter is getting high obviously.

Believing in Siddique – Vijay – Asin – Vadivelu Combo, the movie can be foreseen that it will conquer the box office.



  1. tamilan

    asin pokiri film layae over make up la kevalama iruppa.. idhula indha film la veraya…
    ava dha bollywood ku poitala ,andha time la tamil film pana kupta directors,heros yarayum response panla…  ipo anga yarum avala madhikala so again came to chennai and doing film.. 
    so we should not encourage tis.. tamil manna venamnu vittutut dhane odina.. 

    so again asin fans nu solutu suthathinga.. again epo vena vittutu bolly ku poiduva 😎 😎 😎 😎

  2. Alex

    there’s at least one person who supports Vijay here good and i’ve a question for others : if u don’t like vijay why are u commenting here ? you want show that you hate ? I think it’s not necessary Vijay still have many fan who would never give up !

  3. Vasin's Student

    Different’u different’u nu solli onnume illama poratha vida ore style’a gettiya pidichukanum.

  4. Tamilan

    he he..gilli ah sema comedy po.. ipdi dha da solute thirinjinga sura film kum… po thambi po poi chutti tv paru..

  5. Vasin's Student

    Athenapa avlo sure’a solre kavan flop’nu? Puriyumpadya sollu? Ean? Vijay nadicha flop’na avaru hit padame kudthiruka mudyathu. Asin’ala flop’na ava Sri Lanka pona ava padam parka matangla namma alunga? eatha vechu solra?

  6. thalaium thalapathium onnu vikram surya vaaila mannu......

    intha movie hit aagum sure………….. aanala patta ajithukke billanu oru padam odalaya…………..

  7. unnaipoloruvan

    machi kavalan padam release ayachu..with mostly positive review….itha vaanthirukken padam releaseku aprom….enna maira pudunguva…poi veetula orama ukkanthu vaazhpalam sappu podaa anguttu

  8. unnaipoloruvan

    dei kena kooo…nee ambulaya iruntha nadichu paruda……..valkaila thokurathum sahajam jeikurathum sahajam……..ivlo naal jeicha vijay marubadium thothan……this is part of the career…..epovume jeikanumna evanalium mudiyaathu….nee nadikka vantha enna maira pudunguva…..un business la loss vanthathe illayaa….hahaha tholviyeee illaatha manushan oru somberi da vengaayam……po boss po

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