Vijay Antony – Hero in Naaka Mukka movie

Vijay Antony is taking his acting seriously
Vijay Antony is taking his acting seriously

Nakku Mukka Nakku Mukka Nakku Mukka

Larisona Larisona Larisona Re…

We know our ‘Nakka Mukka’ Antony for the dedication he puts into making his songs that brings many ‘back to life’.  Looks like he simply doesn’t seem satisfied running his magic on the harmonium.

The composer turned actor is now taking it a step further as we hear that he is determined to pursue his acting career seriously for the movie which is under the direction of CS Amudhan.

Yes ! the composer Vijay Antony is all geared up to act in an upcoming flick, which is interestingly titled Nakka Mukka. The movie is to be released somewhere in January 2011.

The composer  started of as an actor with his debut movie Naan ,produced under his own  banner of Vijay Anthony Film Corporation.

We hope the actor does find his identity with his acting too.

Vijay we wish you the best for your acting career and hope you keep those hips shaking with your music that ‘brings back life’ to many.



  1. Raj

    Vijay is a talented musician and a warm personality!  Has produced excellent music, both melody and hip hop stuff!  Wish him good luck !!

  2. fan

    Actually I’d like to wish the original composers of those songs…

    Search for Vijay Antony copycat in youtube and you’ll wish the original composers…

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