Vijay and Surya release Vamsam Audio CD

Vijay and Surya released Vamsam Audio CD
Vijay and Surya at Vamsam Audio Launch

Audio release of the Pandiraj directed Vamsam was held today in Sathyam cinemas, Chennai. Vamsam serves as the launch pad of  Arulnidhi, the latest Gen Y entrant to Tamil cinema from the Kalaignar family. The event saw an impressive turn out of VVIPs from the State and Central Ministries and celebrities from the K town.

CM Karunanidhi chaired the event and released the first audio to Vijay and Surya.

Vijay’s address was peppered with his admiration for the CM. “We are proud to be born in your times. I’m always amazed at your prolific writing career,” he stated.

Surya, who addressed the gathering, mentioned that he sees potential in Arulnidhi. “After seeing the songs and the trailer, I’m assured that Arulnidhi has what it takes to be a hero,” he said. Surya also praised the CM on his abilities at his ripe age to pen screenplays.

Referring to Surya and Vijay, the CM Kalaignar expressed his wish that Arulnidhi would earn laurels like both the actors. “I was apprehensive about the title at first thinking that it might mislead people. They might think it refers to our family. However, director Pandiraj convinced that this title is required for the movie and he went ahead with that. Now I think the movie should prove itself,” he mentioned.

Pandiraj recollected his post-Pasanga days and revealed that he was pretty much jobless then. “It’s just that my social stature has changed after the release of Pasanga. That is when I met Udayanidhi and he got me introduced to Arulnidhi. I thought Arulnidhi would not fit for the role I had in mind but he proved otherwise. He wanted to do the film and the result of his hard work is for all to see,” Pandiraj said. He added that the movie will be adored by everyone like Pasanga.

The audio launch was attended by Music director Taj Noor, Arul Nidhi, Sunaina, Lyricist Vaali, Sasi Kumar, Producer’s Council president Rama Narayanan.

Two songs and the movie’s trailer were screened at the event. The songs scored by Taj Noor are praiseworthy. The trailer is sure to rouse curiosity among movie buffs and the songs were neatly picturized as well.



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    surya is the best and looking so handsome but vijay tunggemunji. surya next movie also will hit the blockbuster.

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