Vijay and Salman Khan release the audio of Markandeyan Stills

Vijay and Salman Khan at Markandeyan Audio-Launch

In a friendly gesture, Bollywood actor Salman Khan flew to Chennai to be present in the audio launch of ‘Markandeyan‘, starring Sabareesh, son of FEFSI Vijayan, who is the favorite stunt choreographer of the star. The audio-launch of the film, which has mostly been shot in the dense jungles of Orissa, was held last evening in the city. Salman Khan flew in from Mumbai specifically to attend the audio-launch which was also attended by our own Ilayathalapathy Vijay as both of them jointly released the film’s audio cassettes and CDs.

FEFSI Vijayan, the popular stunt choreographer and one of the most menacing villain actors around, has managed to earn popularity beyond Tamil films as he is quite known in Bollywood too. His father has had the distinction of being a stunt choreographer to the legendary MGR.

Vijayan has been the stunt instructor to greats such as Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan and has worked with Tollywood’s Chiranjeevi for a record-breaking 60 films. Of late, he remains Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan’s favourite choreographer. Vijayan’s stunts went a long way in making last year’s Salman-starrer ‘Dabbang’ a huge success at the box-office.

Though he injured his head during the filming of a particular sequence in ‘Dabbang’, Vijayan has recovered now and is launching his son Sabareesh as hero with a film titled ‘Markandeyan’. Needless to say, Sabareesh would be playing an out-and-out action hero in the film, with Vijayan by his side to train him to perfection.

Let’s wish Vijayan and his son Sabareesh a happy outing with ‘Markandeyan’!

Markandeyan Audio Release Stills

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  1. Bumble Bee

    They will ban Sardine khan for going against the tamil nadu cinema council etc, by going to sri lanka and mingling with rajapakse. At the same time our vijay whom fights for ellam tamils will join hands with sardine khan and launch audios. Hypocrites oxymorons of the highest order.

  2. Tamarai

    They just want money, fame and power. Thats all, they don’t care about Ellam Tamils, any tamils or any human being. They donate some portion of their earning to the poor as part and process of keeping their image up, not because they care about the welfare of the poor, all this is to keep fuelling their ever growing lust of the high roller life they live in. In conclusion they are good actors both in front of the camera and in real life. And for our part we will be adoring them like they are devine beings (demigods) and will be fighting within our selves vijay ajith, shah rukh salman, kamal rajini, nana neyaa. One word =  pathetic.

  3. KK

    photo 23 is like this…  Salman khan saying to Shriya – Amma taaye nee konjum moodittu iru… romba overathan kaaturea… 😉

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