Vijay and AR Murugadoss heading Thoothukudi soon

Vijay and AR Murugadoss heading Thoothukudi soon

Vijay and AR Murugadoss heading Thoothukudi soon

The good news of Vijay’s Pongal release – Nanban is yet to sink in and adding to the delight is this fresh update on his next big flick with director AR Murugadoss titled Maalai Nerathu Mazhaithuli.A birdie told us, Ilayathalapathy Vijay and the 7aam Arivu director will soon head to the pear city of Thoothukudi to capture some picturesque shots for the movie this November 23rd.

Some time back Ajith’s Billa 2 too (too 2 doo to doooo) completed a brief schedule in the same place as readers might recall. We are told that Director Murugadoss has planned to can his shots for his new Vijay project at Thiruchendur, famous for its Murugan temple. The place is also known for the dense Theri forests and its rich red soil that stands as something really interesting, worth a barefoot walk. The movie Maalai Nerathu Mazhaithuli will be also have composer Harris Jayaraj scoring the music with expert lens man Santhosh Sivan showcasing his picture-crazy skills for this upcoming Vijay starrer. As of now Kingfisher model Angela Johnson is being considered to play one of the roles for the said double-heroine project, to be extensively shot in Mumbai.

So November 23rd doesn’t seem to be so far a date, to get the action started..epadiiiingnaa?





  1. David billa

    Director – Vadivelu podalama, Illa karunas podalamaVijay – Comedy kuda nane pannuran sirDirector – Comedy neenga than panringa nan hero yara podalamnu think panran

  2. David billa

    vijay : Namma suntv mela case podanumManager : Ethukku sirvijay : Ennoda aduthapadam hit aagumnu sonnatha, vilayatu seithil lapottu irukanga

  3. Smile

    athe director orey nerathule ethaney hero va vechuthan padam edukuraru?always murugadass is making a movie with some actor news….boring

  4. Maran

    I watched an interview by vijay for BBC and his expressions and mannerism all artificial. When the host asked him to sing his reaction was pathetic. No people skills or the guy is in the business without passion. End of the day he is just a human being like u and me and cannot do anything extra ordinary what u and I can do. We make these guys hero and do idol worship. Velayutham is a very average movies and that style of movies r done by many stars and he cannot diviate from such movies. His fan base is uneducated and prefer only such movies to idol worship him. I cannot see him in ace directors movies and I can only tell they r using him for their survival as his family will rule the industry and monopolize the industry. We have to accept like the meat between the sandwich.

  5. david biila

    What Dr.Vijay do if he becomes a chief minister? (Impossible anyway, justimagine)He will take a copy of Andhra Budget and declare it as Tamil Nadu budget(Remake)

  6. David biila

    Viajy to prabhudeva: Indha patu superah Iruke idha Namba PadathulaRemake panalamaPrabu Deva: Dei nasama ponavane Adhu Desiya Geetham da

  7. hdb

    did u do a survey that all vj fans are uneducated to make this comment?
    What u mean u cannot see ace directors movies? Pls do ur homework b4 making  comment. Isnt Jaya Raja, Shankar, ARM and Goutham Menon ace directors of the industry????.

    He may not have a superb public speaking skills in real life when he attends interviews,(which he himself agrees) otherwise he is just a good entertainer.
    No one is perfect.

    The understatement of the year is “guy in the business without passion”  Dude you know nothing abt VJ for making a comment like this.

    No one stays in this industry so long if they dont have passion in acting. 

    Why is it the heat is on VJ.  What movies does Rajinkanth gives?  Its all idol worshipping and silly, illogical and yet everyone is idol worshipping him? Just bcos he is sick ppl fast and go bald.
    Do u know what havoc some fellas did at the hospital in Singapore where he was admitted??
    It was so much nuisance that the police had to called to get rid of them.

    Its the society that moulds the actor and film industry. VJ is just giving what the society wants .

    Kamalhasan gave movies Dasavatharam, Hey Ram a serious genre movies without the usual masala. Was it succesful? He lost a lot of money. His wife left him bcos he used up all the money for filming.
    He was down and out. And then he came up with commercial movies and he picked up the pieces.

    Ayrathil Oruvan a 32cr movie ..was not a successful movie. Made losses
    Baba by Rajinikanth – failed
    Kuselan – failed

    Now if u r a producer where would u put yr money a commercial entertaiment or different genre movie.
    7am Arivu 1st 20 minutes ws interesting after that they tried commercialising unfortunately failed.
    Ppl go for the movie 4 they hype n 2 see Surya. thats it .  The movies does not have a good review unfortunately. Though I enjoyed the story.

    This is what the tamil cinema industry is all about. Make movie to make money and a good entreprenuer will play it safe n understand the market and give the best product.
    VJ know this to the core. He knows commercial movies earns money for producers.

    Directors, producers,theather owners knows ..who churns out good money for them.

    Its all BIG picture dude. So dont square it on VJ alone.

    As for ruling the industry…someone has to take the lead. There can be only one captain in a ship.

  8. ak

    Dai fucker, don’t ever comment on rajinin sir and compare with vijay basterd. vijay needs thousands of birth to atleast compare with rajini sir.

  9. stop smiling

    Instead of spreading hate and negative coments about Vijay…why don’t you spread positive messages about whomever your favourite actor is.

  10. DJ

    next disasterous thing waiting to happen to TN.. its VJ becoming CM of TN.. common guys we are not fools anymore!!

  11. usha

    @hdb – Sura, Vettaikaran, Villu and Kuruvi were wll commerial movies. Were they hits?

    Even commercial movies need to be gd commercial movies. Not stupid commercial movies which make ppl fool..

    Example of gd commercials movies: Sivaji, Ko, Ayan, Siruthai etc..

  12. ????

    You should first ask yourself Y do you support Vijay so much. Write down the list and re-read it. Judge for yourself.

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