Vijay again with Super Good films

Vijay again with Super Good films

Vijay has been disappointing his audience recently with a continuous series of flops which have been really degrading the market.

After the detraction Vijay had with movie distributors and theater owners post Sura, he decided to go for a safer bet. His box office credibility is at an all-time low at this point, and it is important for him to gain back the popularity of the masses.

Now Vijay is back at choosing the best and joining with his lucky production house Super Good Films with that intention.

The combination of Vijay and Super Good Films created wonders at the box office until a few years ago with films like Poove Unakkaga, Thullatha Manamum Thullum, Love Today and Thirupachi.

According to reliable sources Vijay will sign a film for Super Good Films and the first few rounds of discussions have already been completed. The official confirmation on final dates, stars and other crew will be announced soon.

Remember, it was Super Good Films who made Vijay a superstar when they took over the marketing of ‘Poove Unakkaga’ in 1996.



  1. Anonymous

    அடுத்த மொக்க படம் நடிக்கிறதுக்கு Ready ஆகிட்டான் .

  2. Anonymous

    i wonder wat is so great baut vj tat some r praising his acting…
    pls… some1… i couldnt resist it…
    vj is a cartoon hero…

  3. Anonymous

    intha ulagathukiyae… Vijay mathiri super hero yarumae kidayathu…yen na…(Kuruvi padam)nungambakam bridge la irunthu kodambakam train paranthu pidicha ore aalu…yaru na namma comedy hero vijay mattum than….avar mattum than antha mathiri ellam panna mudiyum… antha fight scene ha adichika alae kidaythu….hollywood ellam patharuthu eppadi ivaru anga irunthu eppadi thandunaru nu….. hollywood la oru research ey nadakuthu na pathukungalen…. naan ninaikuren intha koolywood theater owner vijay fan pola… athan super good films vijay ya super star akinaganu pottu irukanga… appo unmyana namma thalaivar super star ha enna sollrathu pa sollunga…

  4. Anonymous

    hahahha… super comment above (hello anon)….. lol :)research pannalum kandupidika mudiyathu…. hahaha

  5. Anonymous

    Vijay next act super good film will be
    Vijay next super star

    Kullayan Surya will be flop star

    Response :

    surya Kullayana irunthalum niraya padam avara periyavana pesuchu da dori kanna anon… unga alu height ha irunthu enna kizicharu..pakathu veetu aunty ku soap podurathu eppadi nu kathu kodutharu…hahahha… surya ku vijaykum ore vithisyam… surya real hero.. vijay reel vidra hero… hahhaha

  6. Anonymous

    Hello Surya fan,

    Vijayaavadhu pakathu veettu auntykku soap thaan poattaru..Unga aalu surya Ellaar koodayum Matter Panna Jyothikavai kalyam pannittan

  7. Anonymous

    shut up anon (jun 30 9:16 pm)…stop lowering yourself and the respect of vijay fans by talking non-sense… u know something, when someone can't stand up for themselves, they start using vulgar language to avoid or control their temper..that's what ur doing now…so be quiet coz u don't know anybody personally.. same goes to surya fans, stop insulting each other..just praise ur own.. why can't people just do that!

  8. Anonymous

    if you are a vijay fan just praise him, don't talk about surya you have no rights to talk about other heroes

  9. Anonymous

    For anon (jun 30 9:16 pm) comment reply:

    ithayae un wife illa un sister ha sonna unakku evalvu kovam varum… antha mathiri than… sury oda wife or mathavangaloda wife ha pesurathuku unakku enna urimai irukuthu…… mariyathaya next message la sorry kettudu..illa un IP ya kandupidichi theva illama problem face pannatha… its just warning…. pesuratha iruntha antha actor mattum comment(Athuvum asingama comment podatheenga) pannu.. illana ellathayum mooditu un velaya paru…

  10. Anonymous

    Hello Above Anon, where were u when the same comment was passed on Vijay?? i think u might be surya fan,stop your advise.

  11. Anonymous

    HELLO GUYS ! "Life is like a circle" Surely VIJAY will be ROCk again so be careful and shutup whos r KULLA SURYA fans …..VIJAY AND AJITH r only STARS of this Genaration……

  12. Ayirathil Oruvan

    vijay thayavalthan suriya nerukku ner filmls chonce kidaithathu suriya oru dupakur.vijay as next mahathma.nerukku ner filmla claimaxla villanodu vijay sir thaan fight pannuvar suriya pottaiyan vedikkaparthukondu iruppan.athemathiri friend filmla claimaxla vijay thaan srimakitta irunthu suriya dog kaapathuvar why? theriyuma?suriya9 vijay as real hero.Cenima posterla ilayathalapathi vijay nadikum Nerukku ner.ilayathalapathy vijay nadikkum Friends thaan varum.

  13. Anonymous

    Super Good Film
    RB Choudry Presents
    Vijay Nadikkum

    -The Original Police-

    Pumber Hit aga Vallthukiren

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