Vignesh Shivan: Poda Podi will be a visual treat


Actor Simbu appears unperturbed about the fact that his latest film Osthe didn’t exactly turn out to be as successful as it was expected. The actor has moved and has been starring in a handful of films in Poda podi, Kettavan, etc. Among them, Poda Podi appears to be nosing ahead in terms of production and might well turn out to be Simbu’s next film hitting the screens.

Poda Podi is directed by newcomer Vignesh Shivan and has a nice and interesting script, it is reported. The film travels through three phases of a boy and a girl’s lives played by Simbu and debutant heroine Varalakshmi respectively. Readers might be able to reall that Varalakshmi (Vara) is the daughter of actor Sarath Kumar, the incumbent president of the Nadigar Sangam.

Trained in various art forms including the Salsa dance, Vara is a bundle of talent who has sizzled in the film, shot entirely in London. The film is produced by Gemini Films, which has been reportedly impressed with the way the film has shaped. It is reported that STR a.k.a. Simbu has carried the film on his shoulders with his brilliant acting and that debutant Vara has done an equally good job.

The film’s touted as the most expensive Simbu-starrer made as on date. According tot the film’s crew, it might also turn out to be his best film as yet based on performance. Shivan assures that the film would be a visual treat as it has been shot in some of the most beautiful, scenic and exotic locales. Dharan has scored the music while Hollywood’s Duncan Telford has choreographed the stunt sequences.

Shivan hopes to hit the bull’s eye at the box-office with his maiden venture!


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