Vidya Balan The dirty Picture

Vidya: Indian men prefer fleshy women with ‘natural’ curves

Vidya Balan The dirty Picture

Actress Vidya Balan has gone on record defending the not-so picture-perfect and hourglass figure flaunted and possessed with pride by most of the Indian women. Vidya, who won the national award for ‘best actress’ for her role of ‘Silk’ Smitha in last year’s The Dirty Picture (TDP), has always stayed away from the ‘size zero’ syndrome in Bollywood and yet remains the ‘dreamgirl’ of many youths.

Vidya gamely flaunted her curves and not-so slim frame in her role as Smitha in TDP and won accolades and appreciation for being brave enough to take on the role. “Indian men, when probed, would surely agree that they love women who have little bit of flesh and possessing ‘natural’ curves,” Vidya has said. “Thin is not beauty and a woman has to have some flesh and natural curves,” she adds.

“Only the Indian women are gifted with the natural curves and not others. The very structure of their bodies is so sexy. As far as I’m concerned, I have supreme confidence in the way I am and the way my curves are made. I have, many a times, appreciated my body and I don’t thing it’s wrong for one to love his/her own body.

“I purposely put on flesh for my role in TDP and have shed those extra kilos. I didn’t strain a lot for this. Though I have shed some flesh, my body structure won’t reveal it instantly. I love sarees and love to don Banarasi sarees in particular. A woman looks her best in sarees,” says Vidya and adds that she is in no hurry to get married as of now.


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