Vidya Balan rejects Vikram

Actress Vidya Balan who has made it big in Bollywood with her performance-oriented roles has reportedly ‘refused’ to pair up opposite ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram in one of his forthcoming films. Infact Vidya wasn’t even ready to listen to the storyline that the director was ready to narrate to her.

Vidya’s performance was well received in many Hindi films including Mani Ratnam’s Guru, Parineeta, Paa and Ishqiya and has won many awards for best acting.

Many Kollywood directors have been trying for the past few years to bring Vidya to act in Tamil films but Vidya hasn’t relented so far.  Aascar Ravichandran who dropped her from ‘Manasellam’ was keen to sign her opposite Kamal Hassan for Dasavathaaram but she rejected the offer.
Recently Director Vijay, who has made it big with his successful period drama ‘Madarasapattinam’ is said to have approached Vidya to pair up opposite Vikram in a new film he had in mind starring Vikram in the lead. But Vidya simply rejected the offer saying she doesn’t want to star in Tamil films.
To his surprise, Vidya wasn’t even ready to listen to the storyline that Vijay was ready to narrate to her. “I have absolutely no intention of starring in Tamil films. That’s why I didn’t even listen to the story. ” Vidya reportedly told Vijay.

It is worth mentioning here that Vidya Balan was born in Tamil speaking family in Palakkad, Kerala.



  1. Hater

    she's not that great , who cares…she only fared in bollywood coz she took her clothes of one too many times….fuck her…

  2. Raj

    Hi Guys! Let us be fair. Usually hindi actress act in tamil/telugu films, they lose hindi films chances thereafter.
    Thats why she is hesitating. She should have clarified this point in her speech. All said and done, these kind of actress come knocking tamil industry doors down the line.

  3. ridda

    soo what even hema malini is tamil…but she didn't act in tamil films….she was dream girl of bollywood at that time!!

  4. Reader

    <span>SHE IS ONE OLD PIECE. i am seeing her on tv since i was young. as young as 5-6. appo ivaluku 20 nalum ippo 45 oldy my mom is younger than her. this oldy got too much thimir!! 
    intha munji goodnight kosuwanthiku thaan laayaku.</span>

  5. Raja

    We have been seeing many of actress like Vidthya Balan. But No one is survived with this kind of Attitude. But we should have to think about vidthya balan's side as well. because unskilled people can't act in tamil. How can vidthya be?

  6. Unknown

    Hi Friends, you should know the real fact of that matter because she could have done many films in tamil. In MANASELLAM (Srikanth and Trisha), she was a heroin but she faced lot of sex abuses from producers as well as dirctor side then she decided to quit the movie even she had photo shoot with srikanth so dont abuse or scold her without knowing the real fact. Onethins i am not a fan of Vidhya… the attitude of producers and directors here is very worst so dont blame anyone without knowing anything about them…… cheers guys…..

  7. kannugala..

    good correct ha than solli irukka….very good decision….. kollywood la nadika solluvinga..appuram srilanka pona ava mela ethavthu kutram solli kevalama publish pannuveenga….appuram ban pannuveenga nu solluveenga….intha pozhapukku…poi thooku mattinkingo… kevalama varamattan sollitala…ippo enna thodachitu vanthu irupeenga…. super serupu adi…hahhahah……intha mathiri ellarum iruntha romba nalla irukkum….first kollywood nadigar sangathula  la ellarum jathiya irukka sollunga appo than nadika varuvanga….

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