Vidhya Balan - Bobby-Jasoos-Movie-Still

Vidya Balan plays a spy in Bobby Jasoos

Vidhya Balan - Bobby-Jasoos-Movie-Still
Vidhya Balan(seated middle) during the Bobby Jasoos shooting

Vidya Balan(35), the national award-winning actress, has been enjoying an amazing stint in Hindi films especially after her marriage to businessman Siddharth Roy Kapoor last December. The actress now plays a female spy, which is touted as the first-ever of such kind of roles for a leading lady, in her upcoming film titled Bobby Jasoos which is produced jointly by former beauty queen and actress Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha.

Directed by Sameer Shaikh, Bobby Jasoos has Vidya, Ali Fazal and Tuhin Chakrabarty in lead roles and would have music by Shantanu Moitra. Vidya, who plays an investigative detective, takes on many avatars in the film to collect infor for her clients.

During the recent shooting schedule of the film which took place in Hyderbad, Vidya took on the role of a beggar and was seen clad in rags and begging for alms outside the Hyderabad Railway Station. However, the make-up was so perfect and Vidya was a thorough actress that few people realized that the woman who was begging at the Station was Vidya, the national award-winning actress.

Vidya assures that the film would be a ‘very different’ one in her career and has added that she has done plenty of ‘homework’ before starting work on the film. Vidya’s body language and mannerisms put to shame an actual beggar so much so that a woman even ‘took Vidya to task’ saying that she looked good enough to go toany work instead of begging!

Isn’t that what one tems as realism at its best?


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  1. Slankan

    yenna idhu.. vidya balan yedho olympics gold kondutu vandha mathir peethikaranga..she just had a street fight win. not so good looking win.

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