Vidya Balan lip locks with Rani Mukherjee Video

Rani Vidya lip lock
Rani Vidya lip lock

A smooch on screen is surely to make news. Well if you doubt that statement this one will surely shake you. Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan do not shy away from playing bold roles in the reel life but look what they just did in their real life.

Reportedly after the promotions of No One Killed Jessica was released on television, people started praising Rani Mukherjee, comparing her to Vidya Balan’s role of Jessica’s real life sister Sabrina Lal .The talks soon triggered a cold war between the two.

Just to ensure to the public that there is still astrong bnd between them quite unexpectedly at an event recently Rani Mukherjee did not hesitate to get close with Vidya and even crossed the line without any hesitation to engage in naughty lip lock moments.

Rani later admitted she was getting distracted by Vidya’s lipstick. In response, Vidya said she will cover her mouth and speak now onwards.

They shared another to celebrate the moment ,soon after Rani asked Vidya whether she would play Rani’s character if given a chance a little differently .Vidya was quick to reply at he diplomatic best and said that she always thought that Rani Mukherji was best suited for the role.

Vidya also admitted that she cannot stop laughing whenever Rani is there.

Well, we did not expect such behavior from Vidya though.  And it definitely seemed a cheap promotion gimmick to us though.



  1. Vasin

    Hey That is good. Obviously it is not serious. But to do that in India warrants guts. I never knew her but she must be bold and intelligent. Thamil padam ethachum nadichrikangala?

  2. Randy

    Yes. Vasin..

    Rani Mukherjee has acted in Tamil film ‘Hey Ram’ opposite Kamal and Vidya’s currently working for a Tamil film ‘The dirty picture’. 

  3. arya

    Mr Randy,
    Vidya is not acting in any tamil movie. The dirty picture is an Hindi film based on Silk Smitha…Vidya and Rani are wonderful actors…so dont make a big issue out of it.

  4. Vasin

    Ennathu? Kilada? Muttal murangaka! Woman hit their physical peak at 38. Onnoda appanum ennoda appanum ignorant’a irnthanga. paravala. Ippo onku Net irkilla. Nanna padikalamla. Padi. Aprom comment adi. Loosu. 

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