Vidya Balan gets choosy


Vidya Balan seems has lately become very choosy in her movie selections, and prefers quality over quantity. That’s a good change isn’t it?

One of our sources who is quite close to Vidya said,

“Vidya is ensuring that she gives 100 per cent to her roles from the moment the script lands in her hand. She makes sure she knows her character thoroughly before taking on the role and studies everything there is to know about it. You will never see her doing ditzy roles but significantly defining ones.”

Next up for Vidya is a movie ‘No One Killed Jessica’, based on the murder of the model Jessica Lall.

The actress is trying her best to get in the characters shoes and do justice to the role.

“I am constantly looking to do something different. I want to look forward to something new when I get up every morning. I want that excitement when I go on the sets or else life will be boring. Such roles make me selfish as an actor.”

“The film is a fast paced thriller set in the hub of political power, New Delhi. It is the story of two amazing women and their relentless pursuit of justice that mobilizes an entire nation to prove that in a democracy there is no greater power than the power of the people.”

We hope your extra efforts will take you a long way too. Good luck.



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