Vidya Balan admits her love affair, but not to marry now

Vidya Balan admits her love affair

Actress Vidya Balan has finally conceded that she is in love. The actress, who has played Kollywood’s late ‘Silk’ Smitha’s role in her upcoming film ‘The Dirty Picture’, was rumoured to be in love with Siddharth Rai Kapoor (SRK), head of UTV Motion Pictures. The Palakkad-born Vidya had been issuing denial after denial about the rumour but never admitted her relationship.

Some time back, it was said that she married Kapoor and had gone on ‘honeymoon’ grip around the globe. Finally, she has now admitted that she is, indeed, in love with Siddharth Rai Kapoor. Vidya has said that “I like Siddharth and would love to get married to him in future. I love the attire of a bride and would announce my marriage to the whole world and won’t marry secretly!”

The couple was spotted spending cosy time in Goa recently. Those who saw the couple going around in the tourist city of Goa spread rumours that they had married ‘secretly’. The actress, who speaks her mind out on many issues, ha scotched all those rumours.

Vidya has recently purchased her dream house. It is said that she is looking for an auspicious date on which she might start living in the house with beau Siddharth. If everything goes well, the marriage might be held in the first half of next year, it is further reported.

Vidya, though, doesn’t commit herself about marriage as of now!



  1. Smile

    Adhane parthean!Neruppilama pogaiyadhe.So finally she has accepted that she has been seeing him.So if this is true,then she will be Siddharth’s third wife.(I read that his first wife was his childhood sweetheart.He divorced her for a model.He married the model and divorced her too.Dunno whether its true or not.Vidya fans…pls don’t come after me…aahh!!!)Ok so….nowadays,women have a “thing” for married men.Its as if they are the only lot left earth.Poor bachelors….they must be feeling so sad.One good thing in Vidya’s case is that she will not be termed as a home-wrecker bec Siddharth is completely done with his previous relationships unlike Nay…oh…ahem…(well,you people know what’s on my mind!) 😀

    Hey wait…looking for an auspicious date to start living with beau and marriage held next year??? *DONT_KNOW*
    Ellarum kalyanam pannikitu dhane pudhu veetuku kudipovanga edhu enna thalai keezha erukku?Adei…ennangada nadakudhu inge? 🙁

  2. june

    it is not actor sidarth it is a differnt guy named sidarth 🙂  u r so confusing read the article properly it states head of UTV Motion Pictures

  3. Smile

    @June….I know.I am talking about Siddharth Roy Kapur-head of UTV motion pictures am not actor Siddharth.Indha vithyasam koodava theriyama comment pannuvean?

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