Vidhya Balan as Silk Smitha in Dirty Picture

Hindi Film “Dirty Picture”  produced by Ekta Kapoor  and directed by Milin Lutheria is based on  the Life history of  kollywoods sex siren Silk Smitha, and the film has been in talk since the start of the year. And Vidhya Balan has been roped into play Silk Smitha after rounds of discussion and Condition . Vidhya has clearly stated she has given a big list that she would not do on screen, which included  very glamorous outfits. On this Vidhya Said ” I had seen some of the films of Silk Smitha and am very aware that she was one of the sexiest actresses of my school days, that was 15 years back , now the industry has  upgraded and to portray her in this era would require me  to act even more sleazily and am having second thoughts about this

Some of the other points of the list were  there should not be any clear display of heaving breasts in songs; she is ready to go backless is but she would not never go for frontal exposure. And she has added that there would be no close-up of any of her assets, would not be wearing any outfit that exposes parts of her body explicitly, the movements in the songs should not be vulgar but can be suggestive.



  1. Vasin

    Vidya always looks respectable and sexy. However if she decides to do the role above she must go about it unconditionally. She should secure respect from her commitment to bring the dead silk to life on screen; not by silly pretence. 

  2. retu


  3. san33

    i dnt knw silk smitha’s story.. but knw that she is d sexiest n item song gal in 80s in tamil. n I think she committed suicide .mite be this movie gonna show other side of silk smitha.but how famous is she in hindi compared to tamil.for vidya balan it’s a challenging role..

  4. shiva_niter

    silk sumitha is the most sexiest actor that i watched during my school time..and she really a superb attracted sexy queen that time…if want to act her role should be ready to be like her..i mean really like her…i dont think so vidhya balan can imitiate like her…maybe shreya is suitable

  5. retu

    i heard one news about silk.basically she in good women.i mean think and thought.she loved one person.but he got thats why she attemp suicide.but some people said she murdered by some big people.

  6. Vasin

    Also he says this actress won national award. However I couldn’t find her name in the list of actresses who won national awards.

  7. Vasin

    Hey retu innoru fake retu vanthirukka inga? Romba ganniyama peseranga? USA Indian Embassy la vela vangi kudunga.

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