Veteran Panju Arunachalam rues competition among stars to make money

Panju Arunachalam rues stars

Veteran producer-director Panju Arunachalam has regretted the growing trend among the new crop of actors who vie with each other to earn more. “The competition is not regarding who does the best job but it’s only in terms of money,” said Panju, who released the audio of the upcoming film ‘Nandha Nanditha’ in the city the other day.

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The function was held at Prasad Lab in the city and the CDs and cassettes were released Panju and accepted by Kayaar, noted producer-director. “Some say that Tamil cinema has grown by leaps and bounds; I honestly feel that it’s nothing but a hypocritical thought. It’s not good for cinema as such thoughts would blunt actual growth,” said Panju.

“In those days, around 60 films would release in an year out of which at least 30 films would do well. Nowadays, more than 150 films release every year out of which hardly 5 or 10 are categorized as super-hit films. Talent was what counted earlier; now it’s only money which matters most. ‘Fake’ success stories have become the order of the day. Is it useful for good cinema?

“The Maestro was paid only Rs.3,001 for his first film ‘Annakkili’; he took Rs.1 lakh as fee only after scoring music for more than 100 films. He wanted to achieve and money was only secondary to him. That should be the attitude. Today’s stars vie with each other as to who gets more money per film, which is not a good trend prevalent in the industry,” said Panju.


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