Venkat Prabhu’s Poochandi at Mumbai- A Multilingual

Venkat Prabhu's Poochandi Venkat Prabhu’s responsibility after Goa,has increased many folds. And the director is keen to make his next film also a big success as his first three. Venkat is currently in Mumbai for research work of his next horror Comedy Film Satrring Shiva and Premji Amaren, the movie is about an angel who is watching a city everyday,

Poochandi  will have Mumbai base and deal with some shady lifestyle among the common people in Mumbai. To be precise Venkat Prabhu will deal with the local gambling called ‘Matka’ and drug mafia in lower section of  Mumbai.

To present an authentic picture of events Venkat Prabhu is spending a lot of time in researching at the places where it happens. The Mumbai  Dharavi Tamilians are  helping him to feel the real picture.

The film is expected to be a multilingual which is a first for Venkat. Talks are on with a leading Bollywood actor to play an important role. Other cast and credit will be announced by Venkat Prabhu soon.


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