Venkat Prabhu:It was Vivek Oberoi and not Thala Ajith for Mankatha

 It was Vivek Oberoi and not Thala Ajith for Mankatha

The audio launch event was a grand success with radio stations spinning Yuvan’s Mankatha CDs on popular demand and the huge promotions have been gaining momentum day by day. But the talk of the town is none other than Director Venkat Prabhu’s big announcement or should we say rather a dirty big one disclosing it wasn’t Thala Ajith who he had in mind while scripting one of the biggest expected 2011 box office grosser Mankatha for the lead role.

“Initially I considered Vivek Oberoi for the central character, but that didn’t work out.” After measuring his options well it is said that actor Vaibhav gave Venkat the suggestion that someone big was needed to pull off the complex script. It was then that the director received a call from Thala himself congratulating him on his new project and inquiring if the lead character had been sculpted already. Venkat’s reply to this was,’Not yet’ but when Thala told him that he wanted to do something on the lines of late Heath Ledger from the Batman flick ‘Dark Knight’ .Venkat was taken aback at this, and he replied saying “I do have a negative role in offer” to which Thala reacted, “If I like it, I’ll surely do it.”  

The dice rolled a big six and then “Began the game” – Mankatha…… Pa pa pa raaaa ….Pa paaa




  1. june

    glad ajith’s in, good luck, maybe oberoi can be in venkat’s next film, mankatha would reap accolades because of ajith’s starpower in tamil nadu

  2. S M

    Mr. DK

    U know something Vivek oberai’s mom is from பழையகோட்டை ஜமீன், ஈரோடு

  3. DK

    ho appadiya Mr.SM..he even speaks tamil that much i know..very humble guy..i like him a lot.thanks for the info Mr.SM

  4. Smile

    @DK,SM and leshi….Yup,i know that.But i guess this movie would not have caused much hype in Tamilnadu if Vivek starred in it.

  5. Rakesh venkat prabhu…thank u..for give a good film manktha..
    really superb……ajith (thala) & arjun(action king) act double super..
    .im ur fan…! i not miss ur films all..mankatha film i watch 8 time in theater.
    good……………. good…………………film…
    tc bye


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