Venkat prabhu Muktha Films

Venkat Prabhu to make a film for Muktha brothers

Venkat prabhu Muktha Films

The name Muktha Films might ring a bell or two in old timers’ minds. The production house, owned by the famous ‘Muktha’ brothers in Muktha Srinivasan and Muktha Ramasay, has produced many super-hit blockbuster movies in the past in the eighties and nineties. For the past decade, though, the production house has been lying low and staying away from film production.

Srinivasan and Muktha Govind (son of Ramasamy) have jointly floated a new production house named Muktha Enterprises (P) Ltd (MEPL). Starting this year, they are planning to make at least three big-budget films every year under their newly formed banner. The first film under the new production house is likely to be directed by Venkat Prabhu, who is on a high after delivering four consecutive successful directorial ventures.

Venkatprabhu has had a rather fairytale beginning to his career as a director. After starting off as an actor and soon realizing that he’d be better off behind the camera than in front off it, Venkatprabhu’s string of successes started with Chennai 600 028 and have continued till Saroja, Goa and the latest Ajith-starrer Mankatha. As such, Venkat’s stakes in the industry as a successful film-maker has gone up by several notches.

Venkat’s immediate assignment, however, would be a film starring Suriya in the lead. After completing the Suriya-starrer, Venkat is likely to make a film for MEPL. The film would have lead actors in it who are yet to be finalized. The second film of MEPL would be directed by a debutant director who recently scored successfully with his maiden directorial venture.

Commenting about the second innings of his career as a producer, Srinivasan said that “Today’s youths work in a very different manner with a will and determination to achieve success at any cost. They have novel ideas and concepts about film-making. It’s indeed a never-before experience for me to align myself with them as a producer!”


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