Venkat Prabhu Speaks on Mangaatha

Director Venkat Prabhu  launched his fourth film, Mangaatha, with Ajith and Nagarjuna. The film, which was officially launched on August 2, is also Ajith’s 50th film.And this would be Nagarjuna’s straight Tamil film after Ratchagan. Other key roles will be played by Manoj Manchu, Ganesh Venkatraman, Premji and newcomer Mahaat.

Venkat throws more light on Mangaatha

I had known Ajith from the time I worked with him in Ji and we’ve been good friends till date. He would always watch my films before it hit the screen and give his feedback. The two of us kept talking about how we should do a film together, but things have fallen into place only now. Call it a game of destiny! After a long delay, I end up making thala’s 50th film! He completed 18 years in cinema on August 2 and since it was also aadi perukku, an auspicious day, we decided to shoot the trailer of the film on that day,” begins Venkat.

he also reveals as usual “It’s a commercial film and will surely strike a chord with the audience. It’s a fresh script – an action adventure, a tale of friendship. Mangaatha is a simple game of probability that not everyone wins. There’s hope, betrayal and loss. Similarly, this movie is also about a group of people who are hell-bent on winning a game. But, destiny has its own plan,” .

Revealing how he roped in the Telugu superstar, he says, “Nag Chaitanya is a good friend of mine. I narrated the story of Mangaatha and told him it would be nice if his father could play one of the lead roles. Nag Chaitanya also liked the script and introduced me to his father. When Nagarjuna heard the story, he was thrilled about being a part of it. In fact, he was so eager that I decided to make the film in Tamil and Telugu.”

Isnt manoj Injured“Manoj, who was supposed to do Vaanam, droppped out of it  because of a problem in his shoulder is also a part of this film., he was reluctant to commit himself to any projects. But, I convinced him and now, he will get his surgery done after finishing work on my movie,” he adds.

So, who will be playing the female lead?  there are talks of Neetu Chandra and Lakshmi Rai  “ nothing’s confirmed as yet because I want to firm up the script first,” he answers on the safer side.

Venkat says this project close to every one “Even Cloud Nine’s Durai has  postponed the production of his other projects so that he can concentrate on this. And Yuvan is already started  his composing . We will begin shooting by September. ,

And as finishing touch he says Mangaatha on the lines of Bourne Ultimatum

Best wishes to the director who has a huge task now


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