Vengayam to preach Periyar’s teachings to the youths

Sathyaraj in vengayam movie

A film titled ever-so-oddly as ‘Vengayam’ has been launched with veteran actor Sathyaraj playing the lead role in the film. The actor, known for his atheist views, has always identified himself with the philosophy that is followed strictly by some leading political outfits when it comes to worshipping the (Hindu) God.

Vengayam Audio Launch Stills

The late social reformer Periyaar, who had a vision to transform the society and rid it of its many superstitions, used the word Vengayam many times during his casual and formal conversations. Few people understood the philosophy behind Periyar’s repeated use of the vegetable till he himself explained it one day. The film ‘Vengayam’ is likely to unmask those self-styled God-men who take advantage of the people’s unshakeable belief in their religion.

It’s only befitting that Sathyaraj plays the lead role as he had also essayed the role of ‘Periyar’ in his biopic some time back and won all-round appreciation too. The film, whose audio-launch was held in the city recently, is being directed by Sangagiri Rajkumar. Janayya, who works as a sanitary worker in real life, accepted the audio cassettes and CDs released on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, director Gauthaman said that the film would seek to throw light on the philosophies of Periyar which would be highly beneficial to today’s youths if they choose to follow them. He also put forward a plea to the political outfits which respect Periyar and follow his philosophy to ‘generously’ come forward to release and distribute the film so that the producer feels encouraged to make many more such films in future.


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