Velayudham Vs 7aam Arivu Vs Ra One this Diwali

The countdown has begun with just a week left for the Diwali crackers to be set ablaze .As many look forward to catch up with family members and pass on those lovely Diwali sweets, cine lovers will have a different ball all together. Theaters will be jam packed with the titans of Kollywood entering the ring face to face.

While Ilayathalpathy Vijay fans are eager to grab that extra seat for his Velayudham , Suriya people are placing their bets heavily on the biggie 7aam Arivu. Vijays Velayudham directed by Jayam Raja, has cuties Hansika and Genelia playing eye candies for the star. Saranya Mohan plays Vijays sister and the hero is all set to deliver a full-on masala offering this Diwali .The star attraction for the movie includes an action sequence where our Ilayathalpathy runs over trains and kicks it real hard…with his fans bursting into a clap party.

Namma Suriya on the other hand will pull down some broken strings to a 1500 year old mystery, unveiling the maya of Bodhidharma and his martial art roots in Kancheepuarm. The movie will see him join hands with the very classy AR Murugadoss calling the shots. The gorgeous looking Shruti Haasan marks her Tamil debut with 7aam Arivu with daddy Kamal hoping for a grand debut for her daughter.

Both Velayudham and 7aam Arivu have got a U certificate – that means they will be open for all age groups. They also have Hollywood stuntmen lending their hands happily and breaking their legs with some jaw breaking action sequences coming your way. Velayudham has its action sequences being choreographed by Hollywood stuntman Tony Delmar while Suriya’s 7aam Arivu villain happens to be a Vietnamese stunt-pin named Johnny Tri Nguyen. Johnny has worked in flicks including the epic martial arts flick Tom-Yum-Goong and also doubled up for Spider Man 2. He is also trained in tae kwon do, aikido, tai chi etc. etc. (…how many you list down man… you’ll always be short of just a little more to pin down namma Suriya…..its simple….hehehehe :))

Apart from these the other big release seems to be the Bollywood offering Ra.One in which Shahrukh Khan appears in a cameo performance and Rajini (urrrghh…!!! Venkat….you really got us this time)…we meant Rajini appears in a cameo role doing the saving act for SRK. The recent news of the Bollywood hero playing a technology obsessed Tamil geek as Shekhar Subramaniam  has only added more spice to southern ear-buds.

So you’ve got your Ilayathalpathy with his masala entertainer, you’ve got namma Suriya – all set to thrill and kill (no offense… Johnny boy) and then you’ve got our Superstar saving another superhero ….

We do need to import Rockets from NASA this DIWALI…(now producers won’t have a problem with that) …..but who will light the fire…THE SUSPENSE CONTINUES….



  1. Aravind

    Its very sure that 7 Arivu is goona be a very sweet movie bcas of the content…..Velayutham is going to be a good entertainer…….

  2. prata

    its so obvious 7aam arivu is going to win. if only vijay did different and unique stories and characters like surya he`l be the top with his mass

  3. Rehman

    7 aam Arivu is best movie and second comes Velayudham but whereas Ra one totally useless movie ever seen in life.

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