Veerappan’s wife Muthu Lakhshmi gets a ban on Vanayudham

Veerappans wife Muthu Lakhshmi gets a ban on Vanayudham  Kuppi director Ramesh has landed himself in trouble once again. The director has been on with the proceedings of his next release Vanayudham, busy digging into the life of the slain sandalwood poacher Veerappan. According to Ramesh Veerappan’s life was full of exciting encounters that he wishes to portray through his movie.

 Vanayudham has now come to a standstill with Veerappan’s wife Muthu Lakhshmi entering into the arena with anger clearly written all over her face. Muthu stated that the movie is a made up version of Ramesh’s own imagination and is full of factual errors. She further stated, “The director never consulted me before going ahead with the making of the movie. I don’t want a bad light to be thrown at my family or my husband. I strongly object with the making of this film and demand a ban on the release.” Muthu Lakhshmi has managed to get an interim ban on the project until January 26th submitting her plea with the civil court. Vanayudham has some big names associated with it including Action King Arjun playing the role of DGP Vijayakumar, Kishore playing Veerappan, hot face Lakshmi Rai playing a journo and Yuvan Shankar Raja composing the scores.

 Now it’s Veerappan’s wife warning you people, you never know…




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