VC Guganathan resigns as president of FEFSI

VC Guganathan resigns from Fefsi president post

Noted film-maker A.Ramadurai has taken over as president of FEFSI, a conglomeration of many bodies of technicians working in Kollywood, in place of the incumbent president V.C. Guganathan. Ramadurai has taken over as president after Guganathan resigned his post owing to his ‘health’ condition.

The General Council meeting of FEFSI was held in Chennai a couple of days when Guganathan announced his decision to relinquish the presidentship of the body due to his ill-health. The letter of resignation purportedly submitted by him on Saturday (23rd July) was accepted unanimously by the Council.

Ramadurai was then elected as the new president of the Organization by all gathered unanimously. Director Ameer, who was recently elected as the vice-president of the Directors’ Association, was elected as the head of the committee set up to hold talks with the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) and with the Film Chamber.
The meeting ended in a cordial manner with no date fixed for the next meeting of the Council, informs Geeva, general secretary of FEFSI.


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