Vasantha Balan’s Angadi Theru was denied permission at a popular shop in Ranganathan Street

Vasantha Balan’s Angadi Theru has been creating waves among the movie buffs more so because of the subject that the director has handled. For those who are not aware about the subject of Angadi Theru – it is the life of thousands of youngsters in T Nagar Ranganathan Street working as salespersons.

The director was denied permission at a popular shop in Ranganathan Street to know about the lifestyle of the workers there. However, director says that he had watched the shop from the outside and based his story on that. Vasantha Balan adds that he had shown just a very minor part of what really happens and how the workers are treated.



  1. Anonymous

    First of all hats off to the director. This is happening long time and some of incidents published in tamil magazines too. But money makes blinds the government. I knew it, its very difficult to change the situation. Not only Saravana stores, all the other stores also having this problem. Its very shame to tn government, were brided by this kind of rich bastards. The way treating the girls is worst and appreciate the director and producer to bring the dark side before the public. I request the government to take action. "Thirutai Parthu Thirudaney Thirunthavital, Thirutai Olika Mudiyathu". 100% true.

  2. Anonymous

    i really appreciate the director and producer boldness. I think these kind of pictures should come to lighten the mistakes happening in so called cultural/traditional Tamilnadu.

    I am ashamed to be an Tamilan for first time in my life after seeing this movie. POVERTY is been taken advantage by these 200 % bastards.. if god is there he should destroy poverty in INDIA or better desroy whole india with another sunami..

    Leave God,, he mut be busy with a lot of things.. but I think each one of us should take initiation by atleast being human/kind to our fellows..kumar

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