Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar- Simbhu Podaa Podi kick starts

Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar

Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar’s  is  finally starting shoot for her debut flick Podaa Podi with Simbu, she is also equally excited.

The first schedule of shooting will begin in the first week of June in London. I hope people there don’t stare at me while I’m facing the camera!” she says in a playful mood.

The film was announced almost a year ago. So, how did she keep herself busy while waiting for the film to go on the floor? She replies, “It’s true that Podaa Podi was announced a little more than a year ago, but things didn’t materialise immediately. And, it’s not like I put my life on hold, waiting for the movie to begin rolling. I was busy with my musical production, Mamma Mia, for which I toured across the country. My team put up a successful show. But now that director Vignesh Shivaa has finalised the script and Simbu has free dates, we are ready and raring to go!”

So, what’s Podaa Podi all about? “As the title suggests, the film is an energetic romance -comedy mix. There are many songs and dance sequences in the movie, along with generous doses of comedy and romance. It’s about a vibrant couple who are full of life and love to dance. Vignesh was looking for dancers to play the lead. Simbu, as we all know, is a talented dancer. And I have been dancing for the past ten years with fervour,” she smiles.

Ask her how it was to teach Simbu salsa and Varalaxmi clarifies, “Oh, I didn’t coach him in salsa. We just practised together. Salsa is a different form of dance and Simbu picked it up really fast. He’s got rhythm in his body and can adapt to any dance form.

So, did her father, Sarath Kumar, have any tips to offer? “My father is a guiding force, a best friend. He doesn’t impose things on me or set strict guidelines. He lets me be. In any case, I’ve been performing on stage in musicals, which is a kind of acting by itself. While choosing an artiste to play a character, the director usually knows what he wants. Vignesh was very clear about what he wanted from me. When he approached me, he narrated the script, frame-by-frame, angle-by-angle,” she says.

While her debut flick is all set to take off, has she signed any other projects? “I’ve been listening to various scripts, but I like to do one thing at a time. And currently, I’m also working on my next musical production, Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat. Guess it will take some time before I sign my next!



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