Vanthaan Ventraan on break

Vanthaan VentraanIn Vanthaan Ventraan Jeeva plays a sportsman, while Taapsee plays an architect, What happens when the two of them meet — that’s what the film’s about. The first Schedule of the romantic action thriller shoot was completed two weeks back.

And the second schedule of   shooting was to kick off yesterday, but Jeeva had asked for some time to spend with his new born, and the director Kannan had immediately  postponed it by a couple of days.

Director Kannan  who will shooting in the  deep forest of the Kerala-Karnataka border said “It was great news for us too. Jeeva  asked some time to take  off and be with his new born son. So while the rest of us are leaving for Kannur in a couple of days, Jeeva will join us after a week,”

Kannan will be shooting in a deep forest in the Kerala-Karnataka border. “We are erecting a wood house in the forest, above a river. Most of the love scenes will be shot in the house. We are planning to create a magical ambience. There will be lush greenery, sparkling water and a crackling chemistry,” he says.

Though Vanthaan Ventraan is being shot in kerala, the script is being based out of  Mumbai. An all important flashback scene is been planned to be shot at Bodinayakanur.



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