Vanitha Vijayakumars Second Husband Arrested

Vanitha Vijayakumar - Anandarajan
Vanitha Vijayakumar - Anandarajan: Inner Photo - Vijayakumar with fractured hand

The family tiff in actor Vijayakumar’s household became public with the arrest of Anandarajan, second husband of Vijayakumar’s daughter actress Vanitha based on the complaint filed by Vijayakumar.

Anandarajan has been arrested on charges of assaulting  his father-in-law Vijayakumar and threatening him with dire consequences.

According to sources, when Vanitha and Anandrajan went to her maternal home to seek custody of her son Vijay Sri Hari a verbal duel broke which resulted in fisticuffs.

Vijaykumar is learnt to have suffered a fracture in hand following which Vijay Kumar and Arun Vijay filed a complaint that Vanitha and her spouse issued death threats to them and based on this, the police arrested Anandarajan at his office in Chennai.

Reacting to this, Vanitha alleged that the police are biased towards her case as they did not take any action against her complaint which was earlier made. She also said that Arun Vijay, director Hari – husband of Preetha Vijaykumar, and father Vijaykumar are jealous of her growth as their company Vijay Kumar Video Entertainment is doing good business and hence wanted to hinder their progress.

She has also threatened to commit suicide leaving behind a note holding Vijay Kumar, Hari and Arun Vijay responsible for it.



  1. Fragrance

    ithula intha arun vijay copycat, oru filmfare la “they gave some hornor for sivakumar as a best father and suriya karthi came on state and said they are proud of their father” so father we never heared any nasty stories on sivakumar;s family he is married with his one wife and raise his children in good way” itha paathu that arunvijay did a copycat stuff, like he honor his dad it was so so so funny.

    thu!! ippidi iruntha honor kudupangala ivanungala thaan kuduthukanum managetavanunga

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