Vanitha Vijayakumar to host Sakthi Kodu Polimer TV

Vanitha Vijayakumar turns anchor with Sakthi Kodu

Vanitha Vijayakumar to host Sakthi Kodu Polimer TV

Vanitha Vijayakumar, daughter of Veteran actor Vijayakumar had been in the news for the past few months due to the public spat between her parents and her continual struggle to take custody of her son Srihari(born to her first husband Akash). She was busy giving statements about the way her parents treated her and second husband Ananda Rajan, and things even took a violent turn between the families. She later had a showdown with first husband Akash in court and even embarrassed him publicly. All of a sudden, she took a complete U-turn and re-united with Akash citing the interest of the future of her son.

Vanitha dumps her second husband

Now the flamboyant lady is hosting a reality show ‘Sakthi Kodu’ on Polimer TV, which has stepped into third year. She discusses various issues with the guest on the programme.

The guests of the show are real life victims or survivors, eminent personalities and celebrities who will share their personal experiences and how they handled their bad times. Throwing light on her show, Vanitha says, “The aim of the show is to bring the dark to the light; the shy and timid to open up and help educate the viewers gain knowledge. It wants to help society become more open minded.”

The show will also have a live call-in option where viewers can ask questions and share their views.

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  1. reese

    did she just say that she wants to share her problems with everyone? man! people like her will sell their family’s maanam and mariyathai just for 5 minutes of fame and lots of money.

  2. vasin asin pissin

    Good creative program from TV channel to hear public experience on their issues.  Instead of Vanitha hosting this program, Why can’t TV channel try Nithyanantha & Ranjitha to host and prove their innocence.  I think that would be the greatest and mega hit program with this title “SAKTHI KODU – dark to light”.  ROI will be high and across the world so many people will watch and enjoy.

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