Vallakottai Team Plans for a China Shoot

Action King Arjun is  starring in a big budgeted movie after some time. The Movie is ‘Vallakottai’ where  Ajrun  plays the role of a superman for the first time is  directed by A. Venkatesh.

The initial budget allocated for ‘Vallakottai’ is 15 crores and the producers have told the director their only concern is to make a film grand and rich. So Director Venkatesh has also decided to spend half the budget on the songs and stunts.With a Some Stunt scenes already shot in Hong Kong using Special equipments. A. Venkatesh is  now planning a song sequence in China. And that will not be in any garden or in the backdrop of high rises. China conducts a colourful expo every year in its capital Beijing and a magnificent rally will be the special attraction of the event. ‘Vallakottai’ team wants to film a song amidst the rally and has already sent its production manager to China to get the permission and complete the formalities.


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